Hemlock Goods :: Commercial Photography :: Columbia, MO

Hemlock Goods :: Commercial Photography :: Columbia, MO

Beth Snyder can and will create beautiful and functional bandanas if given too much free time. You will and can own own in every color.

Treat Yourself to a Flattering Headshot by SilverBox



Would you like fabulous HEADSHOTS that help YOU market YOU?

Whether you are a lawyer opening a new practice, an actress stepping into the spotlight, a small business owner creating a new on-line store front or . . . (insert YOUR passionate pursuit here) . . . you need headshots that you are proud to show the world! SilverBox is offering a limited number of headshot photo sessions on Thursday, April 16 and Friday, April 17.

Your HEADSHOT Session:

  • lasts 20 minutes
  • yields 10 images posted online 2 weeks after your session.
  • Includes one high-resolution digital file of your choice.
  • Enables you to order additional individual prints and digital files.

Ready to book a spot?

Click on the Headshot Days link here and select the time slot that works best for you.

We'll help you check "headshot" of your to-do list! Holler if you have questions.


Sarah Hook


I'm in awe of Sarah. She's working on her second album, plays guitar, penny whistle, drum (and probably a whole bunch of other instruments that she just didn't happen to bring to her photo shoot) AND she's writing a NOVEL! Not sure how one person can have so many talents, but there it is! I first met Sarah when she performed several traditional English, Irish and Scottish folk songs a few years back at Forrest Keeling's annual Field Day for forestry and nursery professionals. (For pictures of Forrest Keeling's 2013 Field Day, check out this Silver Lining blog post.).

After spending a couple of hours with Sarah making pictures, I've concluded that she is just as lovely and delightful as her music. I'm sure hoping one of these pictures ends up on the cover of her next CD! And while we all wait for that album to be released, why not grab a copy of her first CD for a stocking stuffer? My copy is installed permanently in my car's CD player and travels with me always. You can order that CD entitled "Tenpenny" by clicking here.


~ kim