Zoe Derboven :: Hickman SR'20

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits


Zoe’s big debut! This outgoing girl lights up a room with her smile. Zoe is a talented catcher for both Hickman and traveling softball teams and feels at home on the field. She loves seafood, being at the lake, and Lululemon. She has the most stunning blue-green eyes! Next year, Zoe plans to attend Mizzou to study physical therapy. Zoe :: Hickman SR'20

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student of • Hickman High School self-defined as •  funny, athletic, outgoing   last meal • pasta and seafood four-legged friends • Bear (German Shepherd) and Rose (cat) dream job •  physical therapist
dream vacation •  Greece loves SilverBox Seniors because • I worked with Annika last summer at a photoshoot for Mizzou and I really enjoyed it

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