you're the ONE

Kari & Jamie! When I remember this wedding, I will picture Kari and Jamie SURROUNDED by so very many friends -- the kind of friends who, once they've walked into your life, you know they're here to STAY!
It was a laughter-filled, light-filled, pink balloon-filled day; a stroll-in-the-park day; a kiss-on-a-bicycle-on-a-brick-street day; an old Ford pickup getaway day; a dancin'-'til-midnight day.
Curious? Click here to see more images from Kari & Jamie's sweet, love-filled wedding day: Kari & Jamie's Album

I'm off to photograph Niki & J.P.'s reception tonight (the very same Niki & J.P. of "the Essentials" San Diego blog entry below) and then to Colorado on Saturday to photograph a family member's wedding in the mountains. "Heave ho!" (as my 4-yr old daughter Sophie says when she wakes in the morning--no kidding; it's the FIRST thing out of her mouth!).