you're INVITED!

so much to update, but haven't quite found the time ....
most recently, Kim's been in San Diego shooting a wedding and ohh, ahh, I can't wait to see those images.

I've been away and with family of late...first a fun out-of-town trip then, not so fun.
Grandpa Frank passed away. He lived to be 93 and for the vast vast majority of those years was surrounded by good friends.
Times like these are still hard. That emotionally-draining stuff.
He and Grandma Jane were the best grandparents any kid could ever, ever hope for.
Paul & I got married in their yard.
Will try to put my favorite Grandpa Frank picture up later this afternoon.

Thus, as for the SilverBox duo, we're kind of tired.
We PROMISE more wedding updates coming soon...Kim and I are both a bit behind but have such neat stuff to share.

For the meantime, how cool is this?:
SOMETIMES THREE plays in COLUMBIA tomorrow night.
They're great! AND they're going to be HERE!
background: Amy's brother-in-law Parker is not only a heck of a nice guy and great dad to my nephews Max and Zane, he's a totally talented bass player.
They are one of three bands playing at The Blue Fugue.
I'll be there around nine and am grabbing Kim to come along.
Paul is in Nashville this week at a conference so you can't see him, but you can hang with us AND hear great music.
YES! come out if you can. We'd LOVE to see you there!

First round of drinks on Kim [ha-haa, just seeing how quickly she reads this]