Ya-Ya! laura, chris + list[s] of loves...

Don't know who's luckier....Laura + Chris (thinking of the amazing November weather plus fabulous sunset they had on their wedding day) or Annika and I for getting the chance to document this celebration. There's so much to love. But first:

6 things
(that perhaps)
only photographers love

1. the mild chaos of the nerve-filled Friday...
(Pretty much a guaranteed prelude to a wonderful weekend ahead.) Advice to all nearly-marrieds regarding Friday rehearsal: don't fret, it's SUPPOSED to feel this crazy. For a recent example, follow the hands:
2. the way a great lens can capture the threads of a veil; oh la-la.... THIS is why we're all about that f/1.8:
3. polarizer filters .... if you're using a digital SLR without one...go directly to www.b-hphoto.com.
Keep those blue skies blue!
[Full story: a polarizer can't create blue out of ....ummm.... (literally) thin air but we've found it nearly impossible to preserve the blue hue of the sky, via digital capture, even shooting in RAW, without one. In non-documentary moments, light (such as fill flash or full "one-light") can be used to substitute/replace/enhance the blue but during your "real" wedding moments polarizers are our best outdoors bet...]

4. side lighting with fill:
5. a rocking, spot-on second shooter.
Great stuff this weekend, Annika!!
Fun fact: according to our camera clocks, the following 2 images were taken at nearly the same time:

EXHIBIT A ~ pre-ceremony
----Annika with the girls, inside the lower level of Les Bourgeois, as the bridal party watches their guests gather outside on the bluff:
-----me just outside the side door as guys start to line up and Chris's dad reaches over for some last-minute collar adjustment:
EXHIBIT B ~ just married
----(from Annika) as newly married Chris + Laura start up the aisle
(on to-do list: carrying an extra polarizer so we cover both 85 primes; compare sky to #3 above)
---- and this split-second later, from my top-of-the-hill vantage:
6. laughing (trusting!) brides:
(the 2nd Set)
7 Wedding Day Loves
[universal listing]

1. (above) Little People in grown-up attire. Laura's ring-bearing nephew calls her "Ya -Ya" ~ could there be anything more sweet?! (well, see #3 below for a literal sweet alternative)

2. a proud proud Papa
(plus the way black-and-white sucks you in to the emotion:)

3. The creme filling of a pull-apart cookie (see Laura's nephew during Chris + Laura's vow exchange, below)

4. g i r l f r i e n d s !
5. Autumn on Missouri "shores":

6. when colors like this
are what your find just around the river bend:
7. love of a lifetime

(and click here for a slideshow of even more!!!)

do what you love :: love what you do!
~amy enderle