wow...katie & gunther, March 31st

Intermittant rains, threatening storm clouds, swirling winds and overhead skies that morphed from powdery pale to green to ashen grey to the bluest BLUE! (see left for proof) and Katie & Gunther, smiled & laughed and enjoyed their collection of friends through it all.
"No wind...No rain...No..." what is that next line?? ..."ain't no mountain high enough", (or for that matter, ocean wide enough -- Gunther's best friend Tom flew in from Norway to celebrate the occasion) "to keep me away...."

First, the guys -- Groom Gunther is 3rd from the right with Tom, from Norwary, being smack dab in the middle:

That Gunther is one lucky guy. Friends that come from around the world AND marrying into the Zguta family. The Zgutas are just terrific!

A few years ago, I documented Greg's wedding to Amy Ajans (oh, love love them!! - here are Amy & Greg at Katie & Gunther's reception.) I was DELIGHTED when Katie called (engaged!) to check available dates.

And NOW there's a Zguta GRANDBABY!!!

How happy & joy-filled Dr. and Mrs. Zguta look holding (or trying to catch up with) Eva.
Ooops, just re-read the last few sentences. Greg & Amy don't have children... yet....Eva is the daugther of Larissa and her husband (who were, darnnit, married before I ever met them.)

An image of the four siblings to clarify things a bit: Larissa, Greg, Katie & Ellen!

Katie & Gunther were wed at the Stephens College Chapel, an incredibly modern & unique building, desgined by Eero Saarinen, a Finnish-born architect, known most notably in Missouri as the architect of the St. Louis Arch . It's an amazing, albeit slightly "atomic-type" space, designed in the late 1940s yet sadly, most lists of Eero's "great buildings" fail to mention Firestone-Baars Chapel. Hmmm, anyone out there ever figured out how to add a line to Wikipedia?

The chapel is a wonderful and wonderfully unique place, embodying such a welcoming & community-embracing feel. From a wedding photographer's perspective, lighting can be a bit trickey but my oh my what great angles & views:

Three more things that delight my soul to note:

A. Annika Miller, the newest of the SilverBox shooting assistants, was the second shooter at this wedding, and wow I LOVED working with her and hope to do so for many years to come. We miss Sara Brown, who's now photographing weddings (and her cute kids) in Connecticut and Becca Young who has launched a terrific photography business in St. Louis (and getting married soon!--stay tuned for pictures.) We miss Leah very much, too, who is in and out of London photographing famous folks. (We'll have to check with her to see if we can tell you who....hint: movie set.) Jennifer and Karen and both here in Columbia (and we're lucky, lucky, lucky to work with them) and now to add Annika to the mix seems just right. Annika captured some great images of Katie & Gunther. Below is my favorite image of hers that day:
B. Stephens College offers such terrific venues. A number of couples SilverBox will be photographing this year will be married in the Chapel and then walk across the courtyard for their Kimball Ballroom reception. It is LOVELY for all involved. The ballroom rennovations continue to impress me. What a building!
C. a silly FYI: Eero Saarinen also designed the uber-cool Tulip Chair
...but I digress -- instead, let's focus (hee, hee) on THE PICTURES.

Katie & Gunther, wow!!-what a celebration.
Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to capture these amazing moments.
Enjoy the honeymoon!!
~amy enderle