look, a post without a picture . . .

is this a first?

we are working, working, working and within a day or two WILL have images + blog entries posted before kim heads off to the bahamas (poor girl!)

but i said something to avery this weekend (our 14 year-old daughter) as she was eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of her JBA friends who would be arriving any minute to spend the weekend at our place + join avery at the death cab for cutie concert . . . am sharing only because gosh darnit it may have taken me the better part of 30 years to realize this, but truer words i dare not know . . .

ave was understandably apprehensive about her st. louis friend (who would be arriving with her parents) meeting our loud, wacky, messy, mildly chaotic, sometimes psychotic family (read: the Enderle-Wagner household) -- I was rushing out the door to document a MOST WONDERFUL Graham-Brown celebration and it dawned on me:

True Friends Know 
that you have no control
over How Crazy Your Family Is.
But they friend you in spite of it.
And hey, it will give you something
to bond over.  

So here's to putting the fun in dysfunctional!

go out, be real.
have a great day all . . .