win our hearts | win your wedding . . . the BIG QUESTION

but of course.......yes, yes, YES!


Sorry if we didn't make that clear.
To clarify: let's say you're NOT getting married but know someone fabulous who is...your choices are to:

b. nominate them yourself by emailing us the couple's picture and story, including your thoughts on why they deserve free wedding photography and fabulous credit from Originals Paper Art; or

c. both " a " AND " b "

We really are hoping to find a couple for whom this gift makes such a difference . . .

Am finding myself in a bit of a "must confess", here goes:

photography, primarily wedding photography, is how kim and i make a living.

Now we're both very lucky...
both of us are married to the greatest of husbands; husbands who have good jobs and who are very good at what they do. AND both kim + david and paul + myself have healthy, filled-with-energy kids...a neighborhood we love...and friends both near and far.
but here's the thing: photography is a critical part of our families' livelihood.

ok, i'll just cut to the chase:
SilverBox photo coverage is not within every couple's budget.
we get that.
and we hate that that's the reality (but we have to make a living at this or we have to get other jobs instead...)
so we've made tough choices:
-we limit our number of clients so that we can make sure SilverBox clients get the kind of coverage, service, and artistry they deserve and that we're proud to offer (and to make sure we've carved out meaningful time for our families);
-we don't cut any corners in service or quality...not with equipment, not with time, not with the technical know-how part; not with post processing; certainly not with our proofing; and Queensberry Albums, for example, are arguably, the best in the world.

tough choices because of the many consequences and time commitments, but we stand by the choices we've made....
The only time we feel a bit of regret is when we meet a Most Terrific Couple who loves what we do and is such a good fit on every front.....except for the budget one.

We've done pro bono work for non-profits. among other stuff, kim has wonderful images of kids + teachers learning/teaching/growing at Rock Bridge High School (hey, kim, maybe we should POST those up!) and it was so fun for me to create BIG canvas prints for The Crossing to hang in their amazing Kid's Area.

maybe in a small way presenting a wedding photography package to really great couple does some good. we hope so! we continue to LOVE reading the stories coming our way...whew, what ramble; in sum (oh, yeah THIS is where i was going with all of this)
WIN YOUR WEDDING SUBMISSIONS CAN ABSOLUTELY BE ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE....nominate away. and thanks!!! both for thinking of this and for helping us to remember to clarify....

is it a THREE-DAY weekend for YOU?
amy enderle

PS - first in PICTURES, then in WORDS from book The Geography of Bliss (2008; Eric Weiner) or maybe a combination of the two.....

**because i'm a big believer in good books being CIRCULATED rather than SHELVED, the first person who sends me their mailing address with an "i want that book!" message can go out + wait by their's on the way. I LOVE PASSING ON A GOOD BOOK. (physically as well as just in a "recommendation" sense.) 

Weiner offers lots of good insights, interesting journeys...but 2 of my favorites follow; both found in the epilogue where the author sort of reflects and his words:

"Our happiness is completely and utterly intertwined with other people: family and friends and neighbors and the woman you hardly notice who cleans your office. Happiness is not a noun or verb. It's a conjunction. Connective tissue." ~ Weiner, The Geography of Bliss, pg 325

"It's worth considering carbon. We wouldn't be here without it. 
Carbon is the basis of all life, happy and otherwise. 
Carbon is also a chameleon atom. 
Assemble it one way ~ in tight, interlocking rows ~ and you have a diamond. 
Assemble it another way ~ a disorganized jumble ~ and you have a handful of soot. 
The arranging makes all the difference."