"what we really love to do is PLAY" ~ miriam + joe

i couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a friday morning.

at first we thought it might be a wee bit chilly, but the sun come out to shine down on us, and the road rose to greet us.


anyone remember the term for the lovely blur of a background a good lens can create?

answer: it's bokeh baby!

and who says open eyes are part of what makes a picture a "keeper"? ~ i lurve this one:

oh miriam + joe are charming charming CHARMING together:

"the thing we really do together is play" miriam explained, "let's just hang out at a playground"

my reaction = swoon

a low key kind of couple that just wants to have fun and have real pictures made of them being real?!

yep, miriam + joe are exactly our kind of couple!

"i knew i wanted SilverBox to take my wedding pictures long ago. 

it didn't matter that i wasn't, well, dating anyone. 

if i ever get married i thought, 

i've certainly found my photographer" ~ miriam

[BIG swoon!]

miriam + joe:

thank you

thank you

thank you

thank you

thank you

thank you

i LOVED getting to know you. 

LOVE your relationship and simply adore how you look (and feel!) in these images. 

creating them with you was a JOY! and there's EVEN MORE ~ click here for the slideshow!

~amy enderle

and oh yes, i remember there are a few fans of the embedded show out there. 

hmm. good news - keep scrolling . . .