We're H O M E

What a week!
Kim and I spent the week outside of Bend, Oregon and the cutest little ranch you ever did see learning more in a week than we'd even dreamed possible.
First things first: it's a Guest Ranch (not Dude Ranch, dude) and I loved it so much, I'm ready to pack Paul and the kids up for a week there this summer. So take a look at Rock Springs Guest Ranch (www.rocksprings.com) if you get a chance. The cabins come complete with a fireplace & comfy beds & hot showers. Not a kitchen though, but with GOURMET CHEFS on staff, heck, why would would you want one? Gotta love that. Take a look at the Rock Springs Ranch website and no kidding, call if you're looking for a wonderful retreat. And hey, ask for Katie! She's TERRIFIC!
There's a lot at Rock Springs we didn't get a chance to take advantage of b/c of all the learning squeezed in (so no horseback riding, tennis, poker-playing or massages for us THIS time. The pond was frozen and the pool closed for the winter; the boot shaped hot tub though - that's where Kim and I held our sunrise SilverBox meetings.).

As the two of us had researched various photography and photoshop seminars (across the country and beyond) in hopes of becoming more efficient & impressive with our "computer time" and always being drawn to professional development opportunities, one instructor's offereings seemed to us head-and-shoulders above the rest: Kevin Kubota's Week Long Digital Bootcamp was everything EVERYTHING it's cracked up to be.

Here's the gang:

Kim's in white beside Sandra Leung from Vancouver, BC who is sort of behind the kind, crazy and uber-impressive Kevin Kubota.
You can find me in the back between Jon Nickson who has a studio in Turks & Caicos and Beth Pulito who has agreed to be our studio manager and business guru if ever she re-locates to Missouri (and believe me after spending just a few hours with her, we were ready to help her find her a place to stay.) Plus she's a fabulous 8-ball partner. If Beth and I weren't undefeated, well we should have been :D

And hey, I learned a little about Kim Wade this week. Get this: Kim Wade rocks at PING PONG. She and Dave Russell (back row, black jacket, far right; hailing from Denver) ruled the table.
It wasn't all fun and games. OK, it wasn't all just games.
All fun - absolutely.There aren't many things that can top a week of learning - esp. if surrounded by interesting and talented people from around the world and with chefs who just insist on feeding you every 3-4 hours. Toss in a mountain view and a guy as funny as Karl Maasdam and you've gotta week that's pretty tough to beat.
We'll share more as we get caught up here in the offices.
Am missing those photo guys... but truth be told, was missing my kids even more.

It's good to be home.
Thanks to all for your patience with us while we were gone.
~amy enderle