wedding day wildflowers

Whew! Blazed through editing Corrie & Mark's wedding in RECORD time. Wanted to design & post their wedding album to the blog so that Corrie & Mark can enjoy it while I take a week's vacation between weddings. David, Elliot, Sophie and I are driving to Michigan tomorrow (hey, whadya know it's past it's actually today...) to visit cousins in Muskegon, take walks along Lake Michigan, dig our heels in the sand.

Boy, do I love Sacred Heart! One of the most beautiful churches in Columbia. And June in Missouri is lovely. The daylillies, daisies, purple coneflowers are blooming at Shelter Gardens where we stopped with the wedding party pre-ceremony. Those big bright swatches of wildflowers seemed just the right setting for Corrie and Mark. What a couple! Corrie & Mark's tenderness toward one another, their lighthearted spirits, were inspiring.

Enjoy this album! It was hard to stop; but stop I did. David (my sweet, intrepid husband) is loading the snacks, books-on-tape and Show Me barbecue sauce (a gift for the MI relatives) in the car as we speak. Happy honeymooning to you, Corrie & Mark. Oh, and Jack Johnson, the musician whose song you chose for your first dance is one of my (and Amy's!) new favorite singer/songwriters, so i had to use that song in your album slideshow. And here it is:

  • Corrie & Mark's Album
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