unabashed love :: emily + jeff MARRIED!


let's talk about UNABASHED emotion. emily + jeff's wedding was truly HEARTFELT . . . by emily, by jeff, by their parents . . . by their many many loved ones.

if there's one thing i will always remember from their wedding, it's this: the unabashed joy on emily's face the ENTIRE day.

emily told me at the reception: "this has been the best day of my life." no surprises there! I'd been witnessing emily's joy all day long . . . all weekend long in fact! starting with emily + jeff's rehearsal:

and the following morning at the salon:

even while getting dressed:

and can you tell they are related?! check out her father's first chance to see emily dressed and ready:

and here's emily, moments before meeting up with jeff for the first time that day (by the way, business partner-extraordinaire, amy enderle, made this picture, and it's perfect):

and now let's talk about the unabashed love on jeff's face . . . again, something we got to witness all day long. GROOMS, take a page out of jeff's book: let that bride of yours know just how much you love her and don't be afraid to let the world know it too!!!

here is jeff seeing emily for the first time (we are big fans of a "first glance" . . . a chance to see and be and re-connect with one another BEFORE the ceremony):

and check out the bottom, close-up picture amy made of emily reading a card jeff wrote to her . . .

and once again, amy rocked the house with this GREAT angle during the ceremony:

lots of laughter and lots of tenderness during the ceremony:

and on to the reception at The Foundry Art Center in St. Charles . . . now THIS is a fantastic place for a reception . . . twinkling lights and artwork all around:

these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg . . . i had to stop myself from including all 150+ of my favorite pictures from emily + jeff's wedding, trusting that you'd watch their slideshow to see more! so you will watch it, right?! :')