trolley trips & cartwheels on campus

[links no longer available]Each time I photograph a wedding, I discover yet another reason why I love this fast-paced, unpredictable, emotionally-rich work of wedding photojournalism.

Reason #78 (or thereabouts...) from Lori & BJ's wedding: getting to see and document the ways in which couples honor their loved ones. Before putting on her own dress, Lori wore her grandmother's wedding dress (sewn by Lori's great-grandmother) and looked over this same grandmother's wedding photo & handwritten notes (!), saved from her wedding day decades earlier.

What a gift to work with Lori & BJ, who are so undeniably and unabashedly in love with one another. And what a day they had! -trolley rides around downtown Columbia, Missouri; -getting featured on KOMU's 10 o'clock news segment (he he) Click here to read "Wedding Party Rides in Style," a summary of KOMU's news story

; -a stop for drinks at Flatbranch brewpub (where, incidentally, my husband, David, met his groomsmen on our wedding day 10 yrs and 11 mos ago); -cartwheels on campus; -meeting the elderly couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary right next door to Lori & BJ's reception.



Congrats, Lori & Bj! And Leah Gallo, THANKS for putting your great photojournalism skills to use while assisting at this wedding! ~kim