trashing the dress

"The dirtier my dress gets, the more fun I'm having." So said Lucie, sitting at the Dog Prairie Tavern (Jonny's hometown watering hole), midway through her wedding day (that would be AFTER Hooters but BEFORE the reception).

(Amy and I have been looking for just such a bride to go out with us on a post-wedding day "trash the dress" photo session in which we make fashion-inspired images with no regard to dirt or wrinkles...a bride willing to walk into a lake, through cowpie-strewn pastures, under garden hoses...wherever the photographic muse leads us...any takers?!)

Ok, back to Lucie & Jonny, a couple with party loving spirits and a host of friends eager to join the fray. Lucie & Jonny booked me (almost literally) on the dance floor at Ellen & Ryan's wedding last year, and I'd been looking forward to this St. Charles wedding every since.

So check out their WEDDING ALBUM (hot off the press) set to the song "Next to Me" by The Subdudes. (And if you don't yet have it, you'll need to download this free version of QuickTime Player.)

Here are a few favorite pics of the day-long party with multiple stops that was Lucie & Jonny's wedding day:

~at the church:~at St. Charles' waterfront:~at Hooter's
~at the Dog Prairie Tavern~at someone's (?) barn~at the receptionOne of my favorite pics of the day? One of Becca's; way to go!