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...am posting from Washington DC with pictures to prove it coming soon.
Avery turned 13 on Friday and Paul and I have embraced a new family tradition:
In lieu of stuff/gadgets, we've decided that when our kids become teenagers what we most want to give them is an Experience. Hopefully, we're creating a shared memory as well as a bonding adventure. So, just Avery and I [not Dad, no little brother & sister] are here in DC staying with our fabulously fun friends Jena & Brian. We've been scouring Smithsonians, navigating the Metro and today took in the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center [with a snack at the Watergate Hotel deli afterwards.)

Two of my very best college friends [and coincidentally, two of the women I admire the most] live and work here in our nation's Capitol. Tracey W. (who we're getting to spend time with, too -- hooray!!) and Jena C. have been so terrific to hang with! Avery & Jena are giggling in the next room as I type.

DC is beautiful in the fall...as is Missouri! [Just talked to Kim back in the 'hood who talked about how much she LOVED shooting this weekend -- Avery and I have had fun shooting here, too -- more on that later as well.] While Avery and Aunt Jena have been making Halloween costumes, I've had a chance to finalize a slideshow from my final fall wedding:
Katie & Micah tie the knot!!

Talk about Happy! Two people who totally delight in each other. The show starts with their engagement images -- oh so fun! You'll hear one of my all time favorite songs and considering there were about a half dozen or more [no exaggeration] professional trumpet players involved in the celebration, a little Louie seems perfect. Enjoy! ~ amy

P.S. That beautiful room Katie & Micah are eating cake in is Kimball Ballroom on Stephens College Campus in the recently renovated Lela Raney Wood Hall. 

Look at those terrific windows!!! 
See the Pictage site of Katie & Micah's celebration for even more.
Will promise to make links to all of the above, soon.