time of day matters

How excited (and relieved!) I was when Adrienne & Ryan agreed to step outside during their reception (held at the Saline County Fairgrounds--great idea!) briefly for a few photos as the sun was setting.

Future SilverBox brides take note: beautiful light can help make beautiful photos! With a little bit of planning, a little bit of luck, and some chatting with Amy and me in advance, you can plan your day to take advantage of those times when the light is particularly lovely. (A photographer presenting his work at a conference Amy and I attended reported saying to his wife after their baby was born: "Promise me that everything you do with our baby, you'll do in beautiful light!")

Adrienne & Ryan's wedding was my first foray into Marshall, Missouri. And thanks to a ready & willling wedding party, we took a walking tour of a few Marshall hot spots that included stops at a blue wall, the "Welcome to Marshall" billboard, the courthouse square, and the old movie theater.

See more of this town and Adrienne & Ryan's wedding by
clicking here on Adrienne & Ryan's Wedding Album (if you don't yet have it, you'll need to download this free version of QuickTime Player to see the album) set to "Ordinary Miracle" by Sarah McLachlan and by checking out these pictures from their day: