'til the cows come home

It's not every bride whose first task in her wedding dress on her wedding day is to hop in a truck and go feed her cows. "THIS," I thought to myself as we bounced along a pasture in Bowling Green, Missouri in a pickup looking for the cows, "Is EXACTLY what I love about being a wedding photographer." Come to think of it, I was filled with this kind of gratitude again and again during Amy & Mark's wedding. As wedding photographers we are witnesses to some pretty amazing life stuff . . . looks of delight and love on a mother's face

laughter among friends

happiness in the eyes of two people making one heck of a 'til-the-cows-come-home commitment to one another in front of their families & friends

~pure playfulness on a summer's evening

And by the way, Amy & Mark were married on Amy's family's farm, right on the patio of her childhood home (an old farmhouse that was mail-ordered from the Sears & Roebuck catalogue in 1913 and is being lovingly restored by Amy's folks). Beautiful home . . . beautiful day!

And check it out! Amy & Mark's Wedding Album is ready for viewing . . . and to whet your appetite, here's a sample spread from the album that I especially love:

Click on the link above to see it all!