tiffany & blake :: 5.26.07

aren't they BEAUTIFUL! -- with Blake & Tiffany, it's beauty inside & out, let me tell you.

And speaking of hoping to TELL you....argh....ACTUALLY, I had at least for a few moments told a LOT about Blake & Tiffany's wedding and the images Annika and I created . It was fast & furious typing from here in Kansas City while my kids were (gasp!) napping. (That's how worn out they are from playing with cousins. Yesterday's wedding was a family wedding -- Erin, Paul's first cousin married Matt so for once, my kids got to come and "assist" -- but let's get back to Tiff & Blake...)

SOMEHOW in re-uploading an image after lots of typed commentary, I seemed to have deleted(?) all the text. Drats. Am going to try to backtrack & recover...but in the meantime, here's a slideshow of the highlights of Tiffany & Blake's wedding day.

~ amy enderle

UPDATE: NO RECOVERY; but the nutshell: Tiffany & Blake, welcome home!!

We're still here in KC at Paul's parents house, so if any one is trying to get hold of me, I'll be back in the office by Tuesday.

Oh, AND a FYI recommendation: Zoe, Tycho and I saw SURF'S UP tonight and LOVED it. FUN TIMES!