three wineries and a wedding

Here's one (MORE) thing I loVe LovE LOve about weddings. They often are so very intergenerational...with babes in arms attending alongside a 90+ year old great-grandmother. This kind of generational mixing is not only good for the soul, it's good for pictures too!

We had a wonderful dose of "family of all ages" at Stephanie and Nick's wedding in Hermann last month (yeah, I know...i'm a full month behind in must be the holiday season :'). On one end of the spectrum was Nick's grandfather, who served as honorary best man and delivered one of the most memorable, heartfelt toasts to his grandson and new granddaughter-in-law that I've ever heard.
And at the other end of the generational spectrum was Stephanie's little sister who served as a "miniature bride" . . . meaning she wore a dress & veil to match Stephanie's and walked down (and back up) the aisle (alongside a miniature groom) just before big sis.Shooting as wedding photojournalists in part means being with the bride her entire wedding day SO THAT that we don't miss any of those surprise, special moments, like when Nick had flowers delivered to the salon. And prep shots are often my favorite of the day:It was my first time shooting at St. George Catholic Church . . . historic, grand and beautiful!Thank goodness for having a second shooter! Case in point: I was in the opposite corner of the church when Stephanie and Nick headed over to light the unity candle. But not to worry; SilverBox shooter Jennifer Brown was in just the right spot, and she captured it perfectly (as well as the next shot of Stephanie & Nick exiting the church, which Jennifer photographed from the balcony so that I could be shooting down below):
And what would a Hermann wedding be without stopping at a winery...or two...or three (especially when the groom is himself a vintner)?! Stephanie and Nick, along with family and friends, made stops at the Adam Puchta Winery, at Stonehill Winery where the owner surprised them with champaign toasts:and then off to Hermannhof Vineyard's Festhalle for the reception.Lots more to see! Here is Stephanie and Nick's ALBUM for a view of the WHOLE wedding day. Cheers!