the world view of a 7 year old . . .

tomorrow is a Friday . . . but a Friday without school here in columbia, SO the kids and i are headed to the übercool CITY MUSEUM and each kid gets to invite one friend. [a mom trick that always serves us well . . . though it doubles our numbers, it is significantly easier and happier to parent my own kids when they each are partnered with a friend instead of a s-i-b-l-i-n-g]

but what ONE friend to invite?
tycho: 'i know! i think i'll invite uncle parker'

me: well, uncle parker [note to readers: bald-ish bass player in video at this link] probably can't come since he's a teacher and in kansas city they probably DO have school tomorrow.

tycho's reply: ok, then . . . i'll invite uncle jim!

mom, again: well, since uncle jim is in kansas city but the city museum is in st. louis, that might be a little far for him to come [note to readers: 4+ hours]

tycho: but, mom, duh, uncle jim has a CAR!

mom: yes, he has a car, but it's kind of a long way AND we're going on a friday, so uncle jim is probably working

tycho: uncle jim has a JOB? what kind of job?

mom: uncle jim is an artist, but an artist who uses a computer
tycho: a computer??. . . <aarg> that is SO CHEATING!

[next note to readers: jim is a Graphic Artist with Lagom Design; tycho is 7 so "artist-who-uses-a-computer" seemed like an off-the-top-of-my-head decent way to explain things . . . .]

LOVE that in the world view of a 7 year old:

* uncles are the best kinds of friends

* uncles work???

* of course! adult uncles would of course! want to come play at the st. louis city museum even though they would be in the car 8 hours roundtrip to make it happen ~ becuase duh, they have a CAR

and my most favorite

* using a computer to make art; well THAT must be against the rules, right?

fun times!


*hear + download Sometimes Three [aka Parker's Band] songs on my space music here or cd baby, here

*see just how cool Uncle Jim is, even to adults, by taking a look at Lagom Design it's "just right"