the warmth of sun on skin...

what a glorious day!

TODAY (mmmm!) walking on campus...feeling warm & feeling happy...i said to self:

Self, when, WHEN was the last time you felt the warmth of the sun seep into your skin?

what came flooding back?  memories of amy + john's celebration in wichita.

from the archives:

it was our 3rd wedding for this group of friends and my how we love them!

john + amy's celebration started with an art deco flair friday night in cowtown:

and included a wedding day morning run (concluding the CRAZIEST yummiest doughnuts EVER) saturday morning:

(note that runner in the red shirt with the red hair?!:  our own annika miller jogged right along the river with the wedding party. go, annika, go!)

what a weekend! annika and i loved all of it!! (and have you seen this slideshow yet:

what we loved IN PARTICULAR:

1. amy's vintage SHOES (and the couch in the church's teen hang-out room she got dressed in):

2. THIS found WALL in the church sanctuary. COOL!:

2 (cont) especially how cool girlfriends in green looked in front of it:


3. their sweet get-away wheels:

4. the eco-forward national parks theme in this lovely wichita venue (open rafters AND a PORCH!!):

soak up that sun!

amy (and annika, too!)