the proof is in the ORIGINALS BOX SET

We gotta rave about our unique and oh-so-very-lovely proofing product: SilverBox's very own Originals Box Set. Until the OBS, we'd tried several proofing strategies (loose prints in boxes . . . prints in standard proof albums), but we hadn't yet found the product of our dreams.

The dilemma: How to present couples with their 400 or so 4x6 wedding proofs in a way that keeps the prints safe, protected, in sequence AND is a lovely keepsake in itself? Something that would fit our boutique-like commitment to above-and-beyond quality.

The solution: The Originals Box Set. Each and every SilverBox couple now gets an OBS that holds 400 original prints, takes 10 hours to build by hand, is made of acid-free archival paper, and is available only if SilverBox Photographers documents your wedding.

We are indebted to fiber artists extraordinaire ~ Brooke & Allen of Originals Paper Art ~ for designing the OBS to suit our [aaahemmm] somewhat particular tastes. And we've been so curious about how Brooke & Allen actually handcraft our Original Box Sets, that Amy and I traveled to Kirksville to see OBS assembly in action.

And of course, we had to document the assembly process with . . . photos! So here's a photo tour of the creation of an Originals Box Set:

Our first step is to hand Brooke and Allen a set of 4x6 (color-corrected and optimized) first edition proof prints that we've organized into chapters unique to the flow of each wedding:Allen then builds the chapter covers using toothy archival paper:

He drills holes into each chapter:
and binds the chapter together with ribbon:

Next, Allen builds a custom-fit box (because a 3-hour "reception only" event might have 250 images while a wedding may end up at 421 prints . . . the slipcase box is made specifically for the exact images and exact chapters it houses):

while Brooke titles each chapter by hand:
And the final step is to encircle the box with a narrow sleeve and ribbon:

complete with the Originals Box Set label:
and voila!
This last image features an OBS that contains only two chapters. That's because our clients can also order a special OBS containing their favorite images as a gift for a parent or friends.

Thanks, Brooke and Allen, for giving us a sneak peek and for creating a proofing product that is unique AND beautiful AND functional! It's the best proofing product we can imagine!

And now that you have a glimpse into how creative, artistic and precise the Originals Paper Art dynamic duo is, you've gotta check out:

to see the images, the concepts, the Originality, the sheer diversity of Brooke's creativity. absolutely, without a doubt:
u n p a r a l l e l e d !