the nicest e-mail EVER

quick note from amy...
This just came in from Sarah (of Sarah + Nick, see below) and I tell you, tears are still in my eyes.
Couldn't resist sharing:

Hi, Amy! Hope you were able to rest and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Nick and I feel so bad that you were up so late Saturday fixing the pictures for us, but we are immensely grateful! I couldn’t be any more thrilled with them. Thank you (and Annika and Karen) SO much! We will treasure these always.

I copied and pasted some of the emails I got after people saw the pictures…I know you love what you do, but I want you to know how much OTHERS love what you do, too!
Much love!
- Sarah

“You looked so happy and that's my fav. thing about wedding pics. You know the couple will be successful if they look like it is the best day of their life.” – bridesmaid

“I see what you mean, the photographers were awesome…….I LOVED theses pictures and the way they captured everything. Loved the music with the pictures!!! Your daughter is gorgeous and was a very beautiful bride, she looked so, so happy! Thanks for sharing!!”
(Sarah Smith – CoWorker)

“Those are so great! And I love that song too. Looks like it was a fantastic day!”
(Courtney Wilson – CoWorker)

“i have to confess that i teared up watching the slideshow. you and your husband just looked like you were both so excited and so in love and it was just so beautiful and touching. congratulations on your wonderful day!” - friend

“I absolutely love your pictures. Amy did a great job. How many memories.....................” - bridesmaid

“I personally think that the pictures were superb. They really captured the moment in a way that was truly awesome.”
– Sarah’s Dad

I wish I could go back in time and have your photographer do my wedding...what awesome pictures! You should be excited, there's not a bad one in the batch!” - friend

“That's a great slideshow! You guys looked so great.” – friend

“Absolutely gorgeous!! My eyes welled up! Your photog really captured a lot of emotion!” - friend

“Ohmygosh! You looked so beautiful – and so HAPPY!!
(Not that you aren’t always beautiful and happy!)

I LOVE the pictures. They’re great! Thanks for sharing.”
– co-worker

“BEAUTIFUL!” – co-worker

“Oh my god, that slideshow is great! So beautiful and so fun!” – bridesmaid

“Nick, your pictures are awesome! Sarah is so beautiful! It looked like such a nice wedding and I loved seeing all of the Columbia sights captured in the photos-I think my favorite is of you two walking down a trail (is it Katy trail?). That’s really sweet.”

“I am sorry to miss the big event - but holy cow your pictures are AMAZING!! Seriously - they did such a great job! You looked stunning! “

“Dearest Sarah-

What a wonderful way to start my week! You are truly a beautiful bride with such a radiant smile! I watched the whole slide show and just loved every photo. I feel like I could have been there. Great photographer! And who's singing the song? I love it!
Thanks so much for sharing your joy.”
– co-worker

“Wow! What incredible pictures! They are so beautiful....and so are you!
I'm really sorry I missed it. They did an awesome job on the pictures. They are really neat, very life like, as if I were there. Thanks for sending them to me!”
- friend

“That was
the neatest slide show I ever saw. You looked beautiful!!! I about cried.”
– Maid of Honor’s Big Sister!

Here are some from Nick’s friends and co-workers:

Amber: Excellent pictures, Nick.

Very nice pictures. Looks like it was a nice day outside.

Jeff: Very nice pictures. I'm not quite sure why she would be so happy in all of them. She's getting married to you. Either way, nice pictures.

Patricia (stl office):
DUDE....those are GREAT!!!!
She look SOOOO happy in all of them! She's always smiling!


Cool pictures – awesome dress. It is obvious you wife is way too hot for you. (Editorial note from Sarah: Nick objects to this statement and I will confirm that he is, indeed, hot enough for me!)

Much love! More to come later…
Sarah Courtney Haberberger
Manager, Individual Gifts
United Way of Greater Kansas City