terry + lynae :: married!

....and the winner IS


my brother.

winner of what?

well:  1. his wedding day was ABSOLUTELY the hottest of the year

and  2. he married his perfect match!

This is my BRAND NEW SISTER-IN-LAW lynae:

she's not only beautiful; she's very kind. lovely inside and out, AND an art teacher!! **which makes my sister carla and i oh-so-excited!** (guess that means she's not just the perfect girl for our little brother; she's the perfect 3rd sister for carla and me, too!)



above, lynae and her mom, just before the wedding.



the unflappable annika miller was no less than rock star of this event INCLUDING finding and convincing the boys to walk to this utterly cool locale:


(and to me, these guys will always seem 12, so yes "boys" it is :))


AND then that very on-her-toes annika miller spied this perfect (and shady...phew!) place for wedding party shots:

PhotobucketBUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE... here are 2 pictures annika created of the 2 moms at the reception.

it just doesn't get any better than this!!


Photobucket[BIG SMILE! isn't my mom A-D-0-R-A-B-L-E!!  oh annika I could just hug you for capturing this!!!]

what a great day, great party (and if I do say so myself) GREAT family!

welcome lynae (**your life will never be the same ;) **)

hugs to all!