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Round the World Celebrating with Bahar and Matt

Congratulations to Bahar + Matt, married in Mexico in August and back in time to celebrate with friends & family in Columbia on a beautiful Fall day in September. (Bahar, it's thrilling for me to imagine all your friends & family in Turkey visiting our blog!) Here is lovely Bahar as she prepares for the reception:

And what a reception it was! Bahar and Matt's family & friends TRANSFORMED the Holiday Inn Executive Center . . . I don't know when I've ever seen it so beautifully decorated . . . and here's a Silver Nugget (a piece of wedding day advice from Amy and me): chair covers are worth every penny . . . just look at how these chair covers add to the ambiance of the room:

and hmmm . . . feast your eyes on this elegant cake from Columbia's very own Upper Crust": And photographing the action on the dance floor was an extra special treat . . . Amy and I have been working on our reception lighting and are excited with the results we're getting:

. . . especially when that dance floor comes complete with a belly dancer . . . a Turkish tradition that Bahar's family treated their guests to:
But wait . . . there's more! You can see Bahar & Matt's Matted Album by clicking here


you can also see individual image highlights from Bahar & Matt's reception bly click on THIS slideshow. (Give it a few seconds to load. You'll need QuickTime Player to view it, and if you don't already have it, you can download a free version here: Free QuickTime Player Download.) Enjoy!


Melanie & Darrin's Album

One comment that Amy & I hear frequently from our couples is: "I don't even remember that happening; I'm SO glad you caught it!" It's great fun to relive all these remembered and un-remembered moments with each couple after the wedding, and working with couples to design an album for them gives us a chance to do just that.

So come see our latest album of Melanie & Darrin's wedding by clicking here: Melanie & Darrin's wedding album. (And for more about Melanie & Darrin, scroll down to their first blog entry on 9.7.07.)

By the way, this is the first vertical album we've designed. . . the vertical format seemed to really fit the nature of these photos. Below is a peek at a few sample spreads.


We Love Our New (Zealand) Matted Album!

In the past 2 years, Amy and I have traveled to trade shows in Los Angeles, Oregon, Chicago, Kansas City and Las Vegas. Our quest? To find products (especially wedding albums) to offer our couples. We were searching for one or two album styles that we loved SO MUCH that we would have chosen it for our own weddings (and I think both our husbands would agree that Amy and I share the trait ~ sometimes good, sometimes not-so-good ~ of being just a tad bit choosy).

So, one of those albums we discovered (oops...not yet on our website, but we're working on that!) is a stunning, leather-bound matted album out of . . . New Zealand! (Thanks to digital photography & internet capabilities, our choices were NOT limited by geography).

We design each album right here in Columbia, MO (with the help of our talented and sweet graphic artist & shooting assistant, Jennifer Brown) and then send our custom-designed layouts via the internet to New Zealand. The album company then prints and binds each album's spreads into a BREATHTAKING, archival album that arrives on our doorstep, like a gift. It's possible we may be as excited as the couple when their album arrives! It feels like Christmas morning here over and over and over again!

The end result looks like this (these are pictures of Adrienne & Ryan's album which you can see in it's entirety by clicking here):

Custom layouts, leather (and non-leather) cover choices, photo insets on the front . . . tons of choices . . . all stunning! (Ok, Adrienne & Ryan, now that I'm done raving about your album, I promise to deliver it to you :')!

an album for Lindsey & Kevin

Just finished Lindsey & Kevin's Wedding Album. Ooooh laaaaa . . . . I love it! Click on this link to see it . . . and you can also scroll through a few of these spreads for a sneak preview:

By the way, the album is set to "You Move Me," sung by Susan Ashton (Lindsey & Kevin's choice for their first dance). What a voice! It's the first I'd heard of the song & the artist . . . be sure to check her music out.

loving light

You can't talk about the Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury on Westminster College's campus without talking about light. Right after Alex and Anne's wedding, when dramatic late evening sun rays traveled (how many?!) light years to earth and squeezed their way through the gaps between storm clouds to illuminate Anne's long veil in just the right way, I remembered this statement by Monet: "I'm running after a slice of color. I want to paint the intangible. It's appalling the way light escapes, taking color along with it." Yes to all that!!!

And "yes!" to the incomparable Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury (the light-filled, airy church designed by Christopher Wren that was re-erected as a memorial to Winston Churchill in Fulton after being damaged in London during WWII).

And "yes!" to the calm, loving kindness that Anne & Alex share with one another, their friends, their families.

See more of this beautiful church and Anne & Alex's wedding by
clicking here on Anne & Alex's Wedding Album
and by checking out these pictures from their light-graced day:
This next shot was made by Ashley, who assisted me for the first time this day and did a great job documenting the ceremony from the balcony:Anne's father paused in the doorway just long enough for this to happen: