Thom Howard

oh so happy! - kristan + bryant

yellow. LOVE yellow!
it's like sunshine all around ~ streams + beams + flecks upon flecks of happiness!

kristan + bryant are our "san francisco couple" but kristan returned to her roots to throw a "destination wedding" back on the farm. growing up, she'd spent many a missouri summer with her grandparents, aunts, uncles + cousins and since "there's no place more dear to my heart than this farm" they invited their friends + family from all over the country to "come home" for a charming taste of mid-missouri life. a blackwater, missouri BBQ kicked off the wedding weekend with sauce! what a neat little town!! and WOW what great signs pointing us in the right direction (and read the blacktop signs from left to right . . . "AA.H", so cute!)

speaking of signs; hmm... can you see their "wedding mark" on this one??:

there's a cute little hand-drawn chapel but it doesn't seem to be showing up on the blog so well.
try this; peer into the collage at the top of the entry...see it? kristan's mom turned it into their postage stamps, too!
any guesses as to the hand that drew that quaint little church??: BROOKE's! (of ORIGINALS)
the whole invitation ensemble was just the cutest!!! have we told you that brooke is married to one of the world's greatest guys? brooke + allen are quite a team* and when they're not training for triathlons, laying out magazines, designing custom never-before-has-there-been-another-like-it invitations, playing with their dogs, hand-addressing hundreds of envelopes or (hooray!) making Originals Box Sets, it seems they make GREAT SIGNS!!!
Smith Chapel is just down the road from the farmhouse. the original congregation was organized in 1824 (just 3 years after missouri's statehood) and kristan's family has been members for generations. it's LOVELY!
thinking of things i love ~ i LOVE the above picture of kristan's grandma watching her walk down the aisle!! she and her dad made their way up the aisle to a BRASS QUINTET ~ the sound flooded that little sanctuary beautifully! what a great, memorable touch!! hee-hee, here's one-fifth of them ;)
more ceremony sweetness:
BOTH of kristan's grandmas pictured during the ceremony (below) ~ oh how great!

what a neat little chapel! what great tradition!!
(big thanks to bryant's big brother for holding our lights on this one!)

pure joy!


this bell was dedicated in memory of kristan's grandpa. annika even got pictures of it being installed just an hour or so before the ceremony (you'll see that on more in the slideshow -- click here!)

after the ceremony and bell ringing it was back to the farm for a scrumptious Upper-Crust-catered meal!
good food:

good wine (shipped in for the occasion from one of the couple's favorite sierra-foothills-area wineries: Hatcher Winery)

great company

a most perfect setting for an intimate gathering of their truest friends

a perfect summer evening on every front
AND the icing on the cake...
ok, i meant the metaphorical icing:
thom howard, live and in person delighted kids and adults alike.
thom's album is titled "a guitar is just a guitar" but wow; is sounds, and FEELS like so much more.
AND, the part i really love: thom can take a favorite song, YOUR favorite song and create a fingerstyle arrangement to play just for you. how cool is that?! and the song you'll hear on kristan + bryant's slideshow he recorded for us by request. so many thanks to you, thom . . .


and BIG THANKS TO YOU kristan + bryant (and your friends + family)
we feel so lucky to have documented your day . . .

enjoy the slideshow! your Originals Box Set will soon be in the making . . . yeah team!

~amy enderle
*keep up with them via brooke's blog, here:

doug + sherri: "dancing-in-the-fountain" in LOVE!

WOW am I glad doug and sherri chose SilverBox! You know that saying: "life happens when you're making plans"? sherri and doug's photo session flowed just like that. We met in downtown Columbia for a picture-making walkabout engagement session. Just before we set out, I asked: "hey, do you guys have any ideas. . . anything in particular you want to do?" And oh boy did they have ideas!

a brick street for starters:
...they love an urban grunge look, so we found this funky garage door:

...a green wall (that, I kid you not!) had the word "engagement" on it....
...brick buildings

...alleyways with old fences and fire escapes....

...and then a trip out to Les Bourgeois' vineyards

....and back to columbia for some splashing in the Flat Branch Park fountain

by the way, there is something wonderfully endearing about a guy (guys take note!) who is in love and not afraid to show it! (am i right, gals?!) doug is one of those guys...and no wonder...sherri is about as lovely and sweet as lovely and sweet gets:
our downtown columbia excursion had me falling in love with columbia all over again AND with doug and sherri. doug, by the way, works at Millers Professional Imaging. We LOVE Millers. Knowing that doug (and sherri!) are passionate about pictures AND that doug works on pictures from the best photographers in the country makes us all the more excited that they chose SilverBox to document their day. (And did you know that you too can have your pictures printed at Millers via

oh, and doug + sherri's slideshow song, Cherry Street Scramble, is another Thom Howard song! Wondering why I chose it? Cherry Street was one of the streets we wandered across during our columbia photo adventure. Have i said it yet? Click on the slideshow to see it all!


Engaged! Jaclyn + Adam

It's not only wedding's engagement session season too! Amy and I have been meeting up with couples all over mid-Missouri these past two weeks. It's been a blast hanging out . . . chatting about wedding plans . . . having a few laughs . . . getting to know our couples a little bit better . . . and, oh yeah . . . making some pictures!

Jaclyn and Adam drove in from St. Louis for their engagement session . . . they're getting married this coming November in St. Genevieve at the Chaumette Winery. And look how ADORABLE (!) they are together:

ok, and check this out about Jaclyn: she designs shoes! And that's not all: she designed the actual shoes that she wore to our engagement shoot . . . somehow this seems amazing to me . . . that she starts with an idea, gets it on paper, and it results in shoes that people actually wear (ok, I know this has been happening for centuries, but I've never met a real shoe designer before). And I forgot to ask you, Jaclyn, if you're designing your own wedding shoes? 'cause if so, I'm planning on devoting an entire compact flash card to pictures of those shoes :')!

See more of their pics on this slideshow. Hey, if you love this song (like I do!), you've got to hear more from Thom Howard. He's a local musician extraordinaire, and he's played solo guitar (classic and finger-style) at three weddings Amy and I have photographed. He can play ANYTHING and he makes one guitar sound like 3 instruments all playing at once. He's talented AND he's a heck of a nice guy.

It's summer! It's t-shirt weather! Love is in the air . . . soak it up!


Nancy & David Sharing with Everyone

I knew I was in for a treat when Nancy & David

suggested for their engagement shoot: "Let's go to the farmer's market! David loves to cook." So we did and David bought Nancy flowers . . . along with a few tomatoes.
Based on the hour we spent sorting through vegetables and weaving through stalls, I could tell their wedding was going to be alive with a sense of delight, playfulness and creativity. and I was RIGHT! Here's what was printed on the back of Nancy and David's program:

Hug O' War - by Shel Silverstein

I will not play at tug 0'war.
I'd rather play at hug o'war,
where everyone hugs instead of tugs,
where everyone giggles, and rolls on the rug,
where everyone kisses, and everyone grins,
and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins.

This poem AND Nancy & David's happy smiles & hugs-filled day was the inspiration for the song (another Jack Johnson

winner of a tune: "The Sharing Song") that I chose for their Nancy & David and EVERYONE (wedding day highlights slideshow)

and their album slideshow

. Check 'em BOTH out!

The ceremony, on the blufftop of Les Bourgeois

, was blue-sky beautiful:
And by the way, one of the many reasons that Amy and I go the extra mile and bring along one and sometimes two assistants is the chance to get this: the same moment from two different perspectives. I shot the wide angle "kiss" picture above, while Ashley did a topnotch job of photographing the close-up kiss shot below.
And milkshakes on your wedding day? What could be better?! We headed to Rocheport

after the ceremony for some refreshments at the Rocheport General Store:
...back to the blufftop for a private view of the sunset:
and then what reception details! Nancy hand-folded origami cranes for EACH and EVERY guest! (see what I mean about that creativity?!) by My Secret Garden:...and CUPCAKES by Columbia's very own Upper Crust":...and p.s. (hee hee), Nancy and David hosted a cocktail party Friday night for all their out-of-town guests at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery

on Broadway. What a GREEAAAAAT space for a party...guests can chat AND enjoy the artwork:
The PS Gallery has a partnership with Sycamore Restaurant

, right next door, to provide the catering for special events held in the gallery space (YUM!):
and now we've got to come up with an occasion (a SilverBox couples reunion?!) 'cause a party at the PS Gallery would be grand!

Back to Nancy & David...I have to share one story: After the ceremony, I asked Nancy, "Were you nervous?" "No, not at all!" She said. "I have just known all along that David was THE RIGHT GUY. So I just felt confident." Hats off to that! And now I'm signing off...but not before sharing this photo by Annika who, along with Ashley, shot SO well that day:
Hugs and cheers to you, Nancy & David!


megan + jeff :: pure joy

Just finished Megan & Jeff's slideshow...oh, it's a good one, I think!
Their wedding was WONDERFUL!

It was my first time in Catherine Crum, the Salon ~ what a fun place! What great stylists!!
sidenote: I'm so tempted to book a short shaggy cut after oohing & ahhing at so many of Catherine Crum stylists cute & sassy styles...and look, they do makeup, too:

It was especially fun to get a chance to hang with the guys pre-wedding, too.
We often make it to the salon, but this time the schedule allowed catching the tail-end of the guy's golf outing at Perche Creek and then even a few minutes with them at the A-frame at Les Bourgeois in Rocheport before heading back to the hotel.

Hotel rooms can be fun ~

Exhibit A: this fabric on the armchair:

and this from-behind-the-curtain image at Columbia's Courtyard Mariott: (Megan made a specific point of telling me how great her experience had been working with Courtyard reservations & accommodations and asked me to share ....Columbia was hosting the state Show-Me Games and hotel rooms were quite scarce, but Courtyard had a "we'll work this out" attitude from the get-go and, in Megan's words "really came through") Perhaps my most favorite part of the day was heading over to Nifong Park for bridals & girlfriend stuff.

A generalization ~ getting dressed anywhere OTHER than the church dressing room or ceremony site tends to open the doors to greater photographic opportunities. It's fabulous when brides get dressed in their homes or their parent's homes...but even when that's not possible, simply getting dressed "off-site" allows us to explore photographic fun in the surrounding environment. It makes us more mobile -- a good thing! Examples of what I mean:

Probably my MOST FAVORITE IMAGE from this, my favorite segment of the day;
(confession: I have LOTS of favorites with this wedding)
HERE is MEGAN on a tree-lined gravel road at Nifong Park WITH HER MOM:

WAIT, even more good stuff....
really good.

Look at these two images Ashley created:
Megan, just moments before walking down the aisle.
(Ashley, I LOVE how you used bridesmaid silhouettes to frame Megan...beautiful work!)

and below:
yeah, Ash; great ceremony catch here; love the realness of the moment!Here's one of mine from the ceremony
(Firestone Baars Chapel affords some great angles):
It was about 7:30 when Megan & Jeff walked outside and started their receiving line and oh! what glorious light!
Though truth be told, however, I was a little nervous that such fabulous light would dwindle down to nothing prior to us creating any couple shots, but shew...Zack Arias lighting workshop paid off again:

Above: from the bridge over Broadway Below: just outside Kimball Ballroom (yep there's was another all-Stephens wedding...guests, and photographers, LOVE IT!)
I could go on and on
and on!
Jeff & Megan made our jobs really easy ~ it was a day with lots of laughter, lots of love...hey, click here & you can see for yourself :)

~amy enderle
PS - yikes, how could I forget to add this:
It was my first wedding with Thom Howard .
fingerstyle guitar: fascinating.
He is TERRIFIC! and played both during Jeff + Megan's ceremony as well as their reception. Even played the Andy Griffin theme song by request. You can hear snippets of various songs he suggests for weddings, at his site:
but the coolest thing ~ he'll even take a song you love & create its fingerstyle/classic guitar counterpart.