Stephens College ~ Kimball Ballroom

Annie + Drew :: Married!

Wedding Photography by SilverBox Photographers


Annie + Drew :: Columbia, MO

. . . . . . . . . . .

ceremony • First Christian Church

officiant  • Jimmy Spears

catering • Bleu Events

cake • Edith Hall Cakes

band • Boogie Chyld

florist • Kent's Floral Gallery

beauty • BeautiControl, Erica Durnil, Emily Perkins

bridal gown • Emily Hart Bridal, KC

bridesmaid dresses • Bella Bridal

menswear • Men's Wearhouse

reception • Kimball Ballroom, Stephens College

decor • A-1 Party & Event Rental, Exclusive Events, SW Productions

signage • Inkling

entertainment • Downtime Productions

photobooth • J Kelley

stationery • Embossed Graphics, Houston

invitation calligraphy • PenDance Studio

planner • Annabelle Events

photographers • Kim Wade & Annika Miller, SilverBox Photographers


a lil' piece of the katie + michael story

C O N T I N U E D :

what do you see in THIS picture?

jingle bells.
REAL jingle bells.

and that ring-a-linging you hear: just the tip of the iceberg.

can you make out some of the program text?
instead of a "flower girl" for example, katie + michael had a sugar plum fairy + little drummer boy.

Q. the minister's job description . . . . any guesses?

A. parson brown!

oh what a hoot!!

ok, one more look at those jingle bells.
first with katie's grandpa's scarf (a brilliant idea!) then in the basket with the wedding program scrolls (ditto.)

when i first met katie, she had a binder of inspiration + design clippings with her.
for years she'd been noticing, collecting (and this is the real genius: ORGANIZING) great ideas.
simply put it was this beautiful array of things that had "caught her fancy" ~ ideas for you name it: decor, color palettes, hair styles, fonts ~ wedding inspiration and beyond.
it was a traveling design board in a binder i tell ya, and i LOVED it!

knowing how many years she's been envisioning and how many months she's been implementing made it all the sweater to see katie fully enjoy her wedding day moment by moment:

now if you've rounded up jingle bells for every guest, why not have a sleigh, too??


the above picture taken by the amazing annika miller during michael + katie's "first look" ~ i was peeking from the ground level and annika perched from above. LOVE it!

but WAIT. there's so much more to love.
from friday night's rehearsal dinner:

to the milk + cookies they served their guests near midnight at their wedding reception (these shots are annika's, too!)

katie + michael's wedding was simply chock-full of joy, laughter, one whimsical idea after the other and, most importantly: friends!

aren't girlfriends just the greatest!!!

at every age!

another fun before pic coming right up . . .

but first, the story:
so traveling to the wedding, the candlelighter, her kid sister (aka sugar plum fairy) and uber cool mom (see above) reported working thru the "genius test" and when the girlfriend gang heard of such a test being out in the car, shouts of "bring it on" were heard round salon.
it may have started out as amanda's middle school project, but it proved to be fun for all.
have you tried it? click here for something similar online. fun times!

3 more favorite things in no particular order:
a. a snow-topped cake that smelled so yummy, vanilla aroma filled the room
b. silver, silver everywhere (including buckets hanging off trees!)
c. katie + michael's first dance!

and there's a SLIDESHOW for you to see. hooray!
oh katie + michael (+ friends. oh how i LOVED those girlfriends!!!!) a dozen thank yous for letting me document your wedding day. loved LOVED every minute of it!!!


PS venues + vendors
it's always such a joy to be at Stephens College. the kimball ballroom is second to none!
thank you thank you THANK YOU amanda for making us feel so welcome.

invitations, programs, stationery, paper design: brooke of originals paper art.
(and she + handsome husband allen will be handbinding katie + michael's Originals Box Set, too!)
click here to see brooke's blog entries about katie + michael's wedding stationery.

cake: hats off to the SUGAR LOFT; this is the 2nd wedding i've documented with a Sugar Loft cake, both not only looked terrific, they TASTED DIVINE! guests where chattering about it ~ now that's a good sign! katie actually found out about the sugar loft by reading the Silver Lining ~ aah, even sweeter!!!!

flowers: christy + co, booneville

lunch: the upper crust (mmmmm....have you TRIED that green apple + brie? A-MAZING!)

wedding coordinator: natalie merrill of event solutions "worth every penny" katie's mom explained.

we LOVE wedding coordinators ~ oh how they make EVERYONE'S life easier ~ especially the mom's!

michael + katie :: the SLIDESHOW

there's so much i want to TELL YOU about this remarkable wedding, but while i work on collecting my thoughts, hmm....wanna see a few pictures?

explanations + rambling narrative coming soon. but FIRST . . . am out the door for a new year's day walk with daughters + friends.

jana + barry = WOW

so i dropped in to say goodmorning to jana and the girls

(they'd had a slumber party at her parents' house the night before)
and what did i find but MONKEY BREAD on the counter. (!)
oh that takes me back!
and MORE good news!!
it wasn't long after i showed up that a present from barry showed up, too.
ooooooooh my:
and jana had found (and created!) something INCREDIBLE for barry as well:
(that's a signed and framed jersey ~ and beside it, one HAPPY barry and a few envious friends.)
beautiful, thoughtful and kind.
oh jana!
what joy!!!
december in missouri is generally less-than-lovely,
so we'd brainstormed about special locations for their "first look" and wedding party picture.
see what we found:
when we create "first look" pictures like these:
it's hard to believe any couple would opt for the "not see each other before the ceremony" route.
you just don't get these expressions at the top of the aisle. (nor the just-the-two-of-you moments.....)
[OK, that came out stronger than intended....see caviat (*) below]
but . . . . mmmm . . . . . . WOW:
sometimes portraits get made:
sometimes they just seem to happen!
seeing HOW people FEEL about each other in pictures . . . whew nothing makes us happier.
the first of these below . . . jana + barry's first dance. the second, much later in the night.
i HEART them both!
and speaking of FIRST DANCES.
oh THIS is love!
that's barry's brother and cousin back there (yep DURING the first dance, those crazy kids):
[LOVE IT - LOVE IT - LOVE IT!! and destined to be come a family --and SilverBox-- classic!]
cousins. gotta love 'em!

when i was little girl i thought my older cousin cherri walked on water.
she was beautiful and smart and sooo grown up!
and she always wore the coolest clothes.
and her hair seemed to always look PERFECT (she was like 17, i was probably 8 or 9)
me: awkward, clueless and hating it. cherri: grace, charm + style.
and she loved LOVED the bee-gees, so of COURSE i did, too!
the result: even today i can "sing" nearly every bee-gees song.
not sing well, but you know.
looking for the reason this "cousin" chatter is included? ~ it's more than slideshow foreshadowing and a walk down memory lane i tell ya:
the MUSICIAN you'll hear while you look at even more pictures of BARRY + JANA's WEDDING is the "kid-cousin"
she was actually called "little cousin mary" and these days she's all grown up but lives and works on a little island ~
but at THIS moment in time, mary day is in a supporting role and oh we love her (even more) for it.
and barry, jana, mary day (for the music), annika miller (for some amazing photographs and your wonderful assistance)
thank you so very much for inviting me into your lives.
life is good!
my caveat afterthought:
*there are at least two other great options if your day or ideals don't lean toward incorporating a "first look" --
one is what kristen graham and adam brown did: when they walked out of the church, they spent some "just the two of them" time before their friends and family joined them. they'd "Seen Each Other" only during the ceremony, but hadn't really had a chance to "Be Together" -- we got some stuff!! the other is what jodi + scott and natalie + ryan did: they left time after group pictures with everyone else had been created for time just for the two of them. their ceremony had been early in the day, so their couple pictures were the last thing they did before joining their reception and thus we created pictures of the two of them in the best outdoor light of all.
ok, and now and embedded view of the unfolding of barry + jana's day. ENJOY!