SilverBox Star: ANNIKA

KARA :: Moberly SR'11 :: High School Senior Photography by SilverBox

Meet Kara! Kara and I recently met for her senior photo session, and just in the nick of time because this gorgeous girl will be crossing a stage in a cap and gown this coming Sunday. We won't scold her for squeezing in her session at the last minute, however, because she has been a very busy girl! Kara has been busy winning awards in track and cross country, making the rounds as Miss Moberly, soaking up time spent with family and friends, rocking a new baby nephew, and she still has time for school! Whew!

Running has been a big part of her high school career so we finished off the evening with some reflection and lighting fun at the Moberly High School track.

SilverBox Spotlight on Kara:

  1. Kara loves Taylor Swift.
  2. She can play a mean saxophone.
  3. She would love to visit Africa. (meeee too, Kara! Let's go!)
  4. Her ideal day may include (but is not limited to) shopping, spending time with her friends, and eating Italian food. Yum!
  5. Kara aspires to be a physical therapist. I think she would be fabulous at that! She is so calm and patient.

Her smile is contagious! My cheeks were aching after Kara's session because I smiled right along with her :)

Thanks again pretty, pretty girl! I enjoyed making your senior photos for you and wish you the best of luck at your upcoming graduation and as you finish out your track season!


miriam + joe :: married!

there were so many wonderful and touching things about joe + miriam's wedding, it's hard to know where to begin.

* the look on her grandma's face as miriam's mom and best friend helped her into her wedding dress (with girlriends gathered 'round)

* that annika miller was on hand to make THIS of joe while i was inside making this picture of miriam!

*that miriam's dad walked her out the front door and toward joe awaiting miriam at the very spot he'd proposed . . .

. . . proposed on this shared "love rocker" if i recall  :)

* the casual and loving feel of our planned / group shots

(having everyone gather in ONE beautifully lit spot creates a no-stress, low-key and efficient way to accomplish this goal)

* that both annika AND karen were available to help document this unforgettable wedding [at miriam + joe's rehearsal when i saw the shape and layout of the auditorium of their church, i realized having not just two but three camera angles would be the ideal coverage. and how lucky we were that karen eagle was available!  ~ thanks, karen!!!]

OK, before i go much farther RUN don't WALK to this link. i think you've just got to see this all for yourself! click here to link to miriam + joe's wedding highlight show

more amazing aspects of miriam + joe's wedding:

* the signing of the quaker marriage certificate that i first learned about during sarah starbuck's wedding

and what a great job brooke of originals paper art did on crafting the perfect certificate for miriam and joe!

* the minister's message.  some background:  miriam's dad is a minister, but he opted to stick exclusively with the father-of-the-bride role on this day ;) and miriam + joe both plan to go into ministry as well ~ it really resonated with me that Pieter (their friend and wedding pastor) said so clearly:  make your marriage first. put your marriage before your jobs and other passions. making your marriage strong, making time for each other, THAT'S the most important thing you can give.

* the charming reading by ted loder that started this way

Wondrous Worker of Wonders, I praise you not alone for what has been, or for what is, but for what is yet to be, for you are gracious beyond all telling of it.

I praise you that out of the turbulence of my life a kingdom is coming, is being shaped even now out of my slivers of loving my bits of trusting my sprigs of hoping my tootles of laughing my drips of crying my smidgens of worshiping; that out of my songs and struggles, out of my griefs and triumphs, I am gathered up and saved, for you are gracious beyond all telling of it.

* the very song you'll hear in THIS slideshow (and meeting the family of Chris -- the guy who sang it)

* that miriam's grandpa drove the getaway car:

* that i FINALLY got to meet niki + jp!

* pink paper lanterns and sweet sweet karen eagle's eye ~ could there be a better reception combination?

* the amazing, bubbling, unstoppable spirit of their friends, their family and miriam + joe themselves.

oh how lucky we are to document such joy.

hugs all! amy

elizabeth + ryan :: life is beautiful

elizabeth + ryan . . . married on the last saturday in may.

a beautiful day in EVERY way!

~ tropical colors to whisk guests to the beach:

~ an adoring flower girl:

~ even the cinder block exterior wall of the church added to the day's beauty (and i'm not even kidding . . . just look at how this shaded spot glowed)

~ a ceremony with laughs, kisses and LOTS of hugs:

~ AND following the ceremony . . . a SURPRISE visit from TRUMAN!!!

and wow, the Columbia Country Club continues to be a wonderful location for a wedding, both inside:

as well as out (these first two incredible shots by annika):

See more of elizabeth and ryan's beautiful day by watching their wedding day slideshow.

Congrats to elizabeth and ryan. and hey you two: thanks making for SilverBox part of your day!


baba + tad :: married!

if serendipity is a fortunate discovery you make by accident while looking for something else entirely,

what's it called when unfolding before your eyes appears

exactly what (in your wildest dreams!) you were hoping to find?


baba and bridesmaids crossed the quaint little bridge from the hawthorne house heading to the chapel. there's nothing directed or posed about this picture ~ i was simply crossing the bridge from the other direction, having just come from taking some camera equipment to the ceremony site. love how each bridesmaid is positioned, including even the spacing and movement of the blue dresses (worn by baba's sisters) within the sea of green. love, too, how that railing pulls your eyes in and how the wee bit of camera tilt provides some dance to the image, but that the picture is still grounded vertically.

when moments like this appear, we hear the hallelujah chorus in our heads, no kidding.

and when something works, stick with it!

same bridge, same idea, still with cute girls (but this time, the 2 moms with dads in hand)

what a day! what wonderful people!! what a perfect location!!! what a fun party!!!!

guests came from around the world to be with tad + baba and it's easy to see why.

(a new contender for my favorite family group picture ever:)

so much to love!

and a locale even more scrumptious with the addition of hundreds upon hundreds of dainty and delicious brazilian sweets that baba and her mom and sisters has spent the week making for guests. amazing and delectable!

and how beautiful is this girl! beauty inside and out in the truest sense:

. . . down to the tiniest of details

as i was creating the images you see above, look what annika miller saw (and captured perfectly!) from the corner of the room:

baba had asked her dad to walk her down to where she'd have a private moment with tad.
these pictures not only show how beautiful baba is (and the cuteness of her sweet dad!) but how very lovely the hawthorne house setting proves to be from every angle
and just look at these expressions as she turned while tad was walking toward her:
love it, love it, love it!!!
moments later annika and i were close enough to hear tad say

"i so want to grab you right now but i don't want to mess you up" ~

to which baba (a SilverBox kind of girl!) said  "oh, just DO IT!"
we LOVED and really utilized hawthorne house's sweeping porch.
one of the things we most loved about this venue is that it offers a lovely and quiet place to get dressed,
a beautiful and spacious reception room with sprawling grounds and ALSO a charming chapel.
t's all right there!
my favorite picture from inside the chapel is probably this one;
another one of those unplanned, unposed yet perfect moments
and did i share a detail from inside the ballroom yet? the party was getting started as the sun began to set.
and here's an ballroom overview shot:
aaah, the golden hour from the window
wait, all these images and you have yet to see how very cute tad is, too!

i'm working on their wedding slideshow this very minute and again another realization:

WAIT!  you've yet to see the party masks!

much to come via baba + tad's highlight slideshow,

but i don't want to wait one more second to thank and thank again

the fey family who is as gracious and kind as any group of people you'll ever meet,
annika miller for consistently making so many incredible pictures and for her amazing ability to mind-read,
and especially for alex + tim snyder for introducing us to baba + tad in the first place.
all my love to each of you. my life is richer because you're in it and oh how grateful i am.

hugs, friends!

amy enderle

"In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures"

~ kahil gibran

natalie + ryan :: JUST MARRIED!

. . . oh how many ways there are to say I love you!
toward the end of their beautiful kimball ballroom reception . . . 

ryan took the microphone and said something along the lines of:
ms. natalie windett. (oh i mean natalie imhoff!) i told you that if we ever got married i'd sing you a song. and well, wish me luck everybody, because natalie, this one's for you.

of course natalie would, when out running errands at the post office or the dry cleaners, even when wearing flip-flops with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, be b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l but WOW was she ever radiant on her wedding day:

when her girlfriends came out zipping their wedding attire she said, "oh you look like ANGELS!"

~ and here's natalie's angel-of-a-best-friend:  cody ! ~ a SilverBox bride herself just a few years ago. 

AND how fun is this! ~ learned in chatting with natalie as her hair + make-up were being done that SilverBox brides susi conway and susan henderson (aargh, susan + richard were early SilverBox couple and thus pre-blog...nothing to link to) were natalie's MOST FAVORITE babysitters growing up.  aaaaaah!  (kim, have we thanked our lucky stars yet! -- these women are all so exceptional...that they select us to document their wedding day -- wow, it just warms our hearts!!)
and speaking of amazing women, annika miller rocked the house, or cathedral as the case may be, with THESE down-the-aisle captures. 
here was my vantage just moments before:  
and a few other random favorite follow,
truth be told i have about 300 of such random favorites, but here's a taste:

below, yep photography by annika miller:

amy enderle

PS am uploading from the Inn at Otter Crest on the unbelievable oreogon coast. in town for scott + candy's wedding and can hear them (along with the soothing roar of the pacific ocean) down below right now....gonna go see if i can catch them in the action. but in the meantime, hmmm, am not sure why this slideshow isn't showing the bar and icons along the bottom that let you know where to go to see EVERY print that will be in natalie + ryan's ORIGINALS box set or the "purchase DVD" button for those couples who decide they really want a copy of their highlight slideshow to keep . . . sorry; will do a better job problem solving back in missouri on tuesday ~ amy

PPS oh almost to forgot to say how thankful we were that jennifer brown (THANK YOU!) was able to come by the ballroom and capture the lovely lovely setup and spaces while natalie, ryan, annika + i were still in the governer's garden. natalie had worked so hard at designing and implementing this vision that we really wanted her to have pictures to see and remember how her reception looked completed, yet untouched (since she + ryan wouldn't arrive at the ballroom until after their cocktail hour.) jennifer, annika: we LOVE you guys. thanks for being so delightful, so dependable and so darn good at what you do!!!!

whenever there's a break in the action, i might try to sneak an image online. that candy butler is EVEN MORE CUTE in person than she seems in her engagement story. whoa! stay tuned!!!