Rock Bridge High School

Alli : Rock Bridge SR'17


Amazing Alli! What could be better than Alli's gorgeous hair and fall leaves!? Alli is shy but sweet to the core. She is passionate about cooking, tennis, and cats. Alli plans to study culinary science and work in food development.


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • shy, sensitive, loyal, sweet dream job • Food Scientist - Development weirdly passionate about • cats last meal • porketta with chimacherry, cornbeef, portabella sandwich, tortellini, peach napoleons loves SilverBox Seniors because • They know what they're doing.

Megan :: Rock Bridge SR' 17

Meet Megan! She's a sweet and gentle spirit with kind eyes and fabulous golden locks. Megan is extremely driven and holds herself to the highest standards. Megan's to-do list includes adding Dr. in front of her name. She plays the violin and has a great appreciation for vinyl records.


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • ambitious, perfectionist, motivated dream job • physician weirdly passionate about • vinyl records last meal • sushi loves SilverBox Seniors because • We love Annika Miller

Madelyn :: Rock Bridge SR'17

Marvelous Madelyn Jones, ya'll. This brunette beauty stole my heart with her happy disposition and big blue eyes. Madelyn is sweet, artistic, and adores working with kids. The objects of Madelyn's affection this year? Adventure and french fries! Madelyn loves cheerleading, hammocking with friends, and Younglife.


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • Artsy, Social, Caring dream job • Event Planner weirdly passionate about • French Fries & Younglife last meal • Chicken Tenders & Fries loves SilverBox Seniors because • I have several friends that had their Senior Pictures done at SilverBox and they all look amazing. I can't wait to be pampered.

Logan :: Rock Bridge SR'17

Introducing, Logan! Logan is the ultimate guy's guy. He's a laid-back, sports-loving, sociable dude. Logan enjoys hunting and spending time with his older brothers. He rocks the 5 o'clock shadow and smolder but it's hard not to smile back at his big ol' grin. Logan is living it up for his last few months of high school fun before heading to MU next fall.


student of • Rock Bridge High School self-defined as • Nice, funny, loving has a dog named • Marley big plans Go to Mizzou loves SilverBox Seniors because • Zach went to SilverBox and they take good pics!