Our Lady of Lourdes

Sara + Nick :: married!

Wedding Photography by SilverBox Photographers

Sara + Nick :: Columbia, MO

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ceremony venue • Our Lady of Lourdes

reception venue • Hilton Garden Inn

event planner • Annabelle Events

bridal gown • Belle Mariee

hair • Zack Dewey

make-up • Chelsea, Pela Cura

bridesmaid dresses • Belle Mariee

dj •  DJ Franco

cake • Edith Hall Cakes

florist • Drew Parker

lighting •  Ryan Adams

decor • A-1 Party and Event Rental

photographers • Kim Wade & Rebecca Allen, SilverBox Photographers

Kim & Matt (and a whole lot of friends)

Matt & Kim have surrounded themselves with a mountain of good friends. And as a result, their wedding day couldn't have been more perfect! Kim & Matt plus loved ones galore celebrated all day long . . . starting with coffee at The Strand salon:
. . . and ending with an evening of dancing on an overflowing dance floor (led by master DJ Aaron Rose, who's featured below right next to Matt).. . . and hey, recognize this couple below? It's Corrie & Mark (Matt's cousin), a SilverBox couple who married last June of 06 and are expecting their first baby! Congrats you two!and through it all, Kim, Matt and their family and friends were full of hugs, kisses, smiles, laughs:

~ while getting dressed~ pledging vows~ dodging bubbles (check out this SUPER exit photo by Karen Eagle who assisted that day)~ making pictures at Shelter Gardens (these first 2 GREAT photos by Jennifer Brown who also assisted):~ unwinding at McNally's (the "hey let's sit on the curb" idea for this image came from Karen)
~ and toastingEven the little ones, so happy and so proud to do their job & do it well!Sunny faces and skies of blue ALL DAY LONG:
Come see the rest of this glorious day by clicking on Matt + Kim's Wedding Day Slideshow Give it a few seconds to load ~ it's worth the wait! (You'll need QuickTime Player to view it. If you don't already have it, you can download a free version here: Free QuickTime Player Download.)

And if you want a sneak peak at their wedding album, here it is: Kim & Matt's Wedding Album.


what's old is what's new . . .

Rachel + Matt have a deep appreciation for antiques and things that have stood the test of time. Because of that appreciation, I wasn't surprised when Rachel told me that she most loves sepia images.

The oldest photographs found in my grandparents chest of pictures (which I LOVED looking through growing up!) were indeed sepia ~ softly brown; significantly aged. I had those pictures in mind when I created this:

and ESPECIALLY this:

On you monitor can you see the "texture" in the above? This is this first time I've experimented with texture adjustment ~ a technique that further replicates the slightly distressed, aged feeling the images are designed to create. I was having such creative fun with textures, I couldn't resist some vintage color work, too:

Isn't that a GREAT old truck!!
Matt and his groomsmen restore old cars (and trucks!) and took advantage of Lady of Lourdes circle drive to set the stage for the wedding. Here's what we did between the wedding and their reception:

and let's not forget Rachel and the girls:

Here's yet another example of why we LOVE having a second shooter on hand. Look at this fabulous image Karen Eagle created (the first one) while I was staging and shooting the second:

And speaking of SilverBox assistant shooter Karen Eagle ~ Karen really excels at photographing kids! It seems she never fails to notice their subtle changes of expression and the emotional reality a wedding's youngest guests bring to the celebration.

Great work, Karen! And great wedding, Rachel + Matt ~ thanks so much for having us document your day.

~ Thanks for taking a look!
Oh, have you seen Matt + Rachel's slideshow?
amy enderle

count me in....

well it happened again...
In the process of documenting Nick + Sarah's celebration,
I became their biggest fans.
I LOVE them!

I love that when Sarah laughs, she sort of wrinkles up her nose. (Which was the inspiration for picking THIS song...)

I love the many "stolen moments" and happy glances between Nick + Sarah throughout their ceremony at Lady of the Lourdes.
I love that on the bus (aka the party bus) from point B to point C, THIS is what I saw:
I love that while HERE (post-wedding; pre-cocktail hour)
....Nick took the time to take Annika and I aside to let us know how impressed he was with those engagement pictures. Even confessing that he'd been a bit skeptical when Sarah announced that they would be taking a day out of their lives to come to Rocheport for an afternoon of engagement pictures.

I love that instead of BIG wedding cake, each TABLE at their reception got THEIR OWN individually decorated cake. And I LOVED the candy buffet (as did the guests!) AND I LOVE love LOVE this kid: Juliette, FlowerGirl Star.

And look at her proud Mom the moment after she made it down the aisle:

And speaking of a parent's love -- see Nick's parents onlooking, far right?:

but wait, there's more....look how cute Nick's parents are HERE:

And look at this FABULOUS moment Karen caught of Sarah & her parents moments before coming down the aisle:

And seconds later, there's THIS from Annika. Wow.
Have we mentioned that Annika and Karen ROCK. Absolutely rock.

And just to prove I was there, too. (We always try NOT to APPEAR in your pictures, but Karen caught me here -- it's me, oops, in the frame: )
It was the PERFECT day. The folks at the U-Club (Reynolds Alumni Center) were terrific.

The sun was shining and love and laughter did abound. OK, one more thing I just love.
Whew how GREAT are these groups shots...
Slideshow anyone?
AND big CONGRATULATIONS to Nick's brother who will next May be married in Venezuela. SilverBox South America??? Whoa, we'd LOVE it....breath-taking images, moment-by-moment guaranteed.

Thank you, thank you Courtney + Haberberger families.
Spending the weekend with you was a joy!
Sarah + Nick ~ what a perfect match!!!

~ amy