Sydney :: Hickman SR'19

Columbia, MO Senior Portraits

Sydney’s coming at you on this #seniorsunday! Her sweet & bubbly personality shines just as much as her stunning blue eyes. Sydney is a hard worker in the classroom and on the softball field. She loves fall, dabbling with makeup, and her dog, Lily. Sydney cherishes her friends and is the youngest of 4 siblings. Next year, she’s off to pursue a degree in nursing and dreams of a career in the neonatal unit. Sydney :: Hickman SR’19

Hair and Makeup by Nicole of Bespoke Hair Company


student of • Hickman High School self-defined as • bubbly, lovable, kind  weirdly passionate about • makeup  "last meal" • salmon, rice & asparagus  special talent  rolling her tongue travel goal • Paris loves SilverBox  because Annika takes senior’s hobbies and interest to heart