"S"wonderful with Daniel + Jenny

Here's a winding path to follow:
a. today I took Avery to the dentist
b. and along with me: Adam + Molly's wedding prints (for stacking into OBS chapters while I was in the waiting area)
c. nice guy in office says "hey watcha working on?"
d. explanation: "well, I'm a wedding photographer...."
e. he interrupts looking at a picture on top of one of the stacks:
"Is that Bill Blanton?"
f. my reply: why yes! - Bill Blanton!! (aka "Molly's Dad"; see previous Silver Lining entry, below)
g. him again:
"Coach Blanton was my art teacher in high school.
He's the reason I went into art. Great teacher. GREAT guy!"
h. whoa I'm thinking-- so Coach Blanton is also an ART TEACHER?!
(sometimes I'm the last to know...)

i. but thinking of art teachers made me remember: MY OWN GREAT ART TEACHER:
j. Mr. Ross was my art teacher for 13 years! (K-12 all in one bulding; gotta love it!)
k. SO when looking at these pictures, I can't help but connect the dots:
l: look, LOOK, it's an S:
Do you see it?

....wait....Too big of leap between K and L?

between the lines
I remember Mr. Ross (can't imagine calling him Stan, even now) talking about a picture's "leading lines" from a pretty early age, but it wasn't until high school that the term "S-curve" caught my ear.

S-curves can draw us into pictures ~ an eye guiding type of thing.
S makes an especially compelling leading-line because of the added
MEANDERING. An S-curve creates a visual "journey" through the space.

Curves = cool.
Jenny + Daniel = VERY cool.
It's hard to predict where lives end up.
Jenny and Daniel were on the same swim team in elementary school, and look at them now!
It's hard to predict where engagement sessions will end up, too.
We can make plans and agree on where to start, but sometimes it's the meandering that makes all the difference.

Jenny, Daniel -- thanks for including us on your journey.
Can't wait till the wedding!
amy enderle