sweet love standing at my gate

jessica + andrew are getting married!!! Yahoo, HURRAY! And to celebrate this happy HAPPY thing, we made pictures at their home . . . jessica + andrew live in the original brick farmhouse located on andrew's family farm.

so yes, this is not just ANY gate; this is the gate that sits right across the road from that farmhouse. jessica + andrew wanted to spend time and make pictures in a place that was familiar and important to THEM: every flower, mailbox, brick, barn, weed, cat, lane, fence and gate has memory and meaning.

i like thinking that, years and years from now when they . . . or maybe even a grandchild or two . . . or three :') . . . look at these pictures, they'll see:

~ their very own lovely old brick farmhouse in the background

~ the family's farm machinery (and andrew's favorite tractor) . . . by the way, andrew works on the family farm along with his father and brother, Mark (whose marriage to amy i photographed last summer ~ click here to see), and I've gotta believe it takes extra dedication, smarts and hard work to make a successful go of a family farming operation today.
~ the picket fence and the old trees that line their lane

~ the gravel road that leads from home to town and back again

~ and many other special spots . . . to see these and more, peak at their slideshow. I'll be back up in the Palmyra, Hannibal, Bowling Green area to photograph jessica + andrew's wedding this Fall.

in the meantime, happy summer to all . . . and may each and every one of you "silver lining" friends find sweet love standing at YOUR gate.

~ kim