songs from memory, songs from heart

Lynn & Tim go back to Africa after the holidays, so I've been working hard to make sure their images are printed and delivered to Brooke & Allen to create their Originals Box Set before Tim & Lynn leave the continent. Everyone reading: please send a big THANKS-SO-MUCH, YOU'RE THE BEST thoughts Brooke & Allen's way, Kim and I are handing off quite a few stacks of prints this week with fingers crossed for Christmas delivery. Still can't believe how lucky we are to know these two and know that our proofs are handled in such an artistic and hand-crafted way.

In spending time with Lynn & Tim's 4x6es after putting kids to bed last night, I found myself humming a song that rests deep within my memory. It's a song my grandma used to play on the piano and one that was requested nearly every week in the little church I grew up in. Finally I could resist no longer and knew I had to just set a few of these images to the music. I'm pretty sure this song was a part of Lynn & Tim's wedding as well....perhaps the song that Tim's sister Biz played? Love it! and LOVE thiose Windmeyers!

Take a look and a listen at the start of the Vessell-Windmeyer wedding by CLICKING HERE.

Does this song bring back some memories for you, too? Would love to hear from you.
More soon
~amy enderle