sneak peak extravaganza: blown away by Cott-n-Candy

it's been a busy but terrific couple of weeks.

- kim and i took part in a 1-light workshop in KC and met + learned with photographers from around the country whose work we've long admired but whom we did not KNOW IN PERSON . . . until THIS WEEK that is!!!
- tycho turned EIGHT (can it be?!) and we had a massive all-day "block" party
- there are so many SilverBox heirloom albums in production that Queensberry is on our speed dial. and we ALMOST know what time we should place those calls to new zealand (though, well...not quite; time zones are trickier to us than to the average bear it seems) please note: all orders must be finished in our offices by october 20th to guarantee christmas delivery. the heat is on (and we -mostly- LOVE it!)
- today is paul's birthday and i LOVE HIM! though it seems he won't be in his 30s that much longer . . . hope you and that lil man are having fun today honey!!! enjoy those giant turkey legs :D
and, and AND
today marks candy + scott's 2 week anniversary and i can't think of a single SilverBox couple that:
a. i so quickly fell so deeply and completely in love with
(i tell you, i MISS them! and oh that l-o-o-o-o-v-e-l-y butler family, don't even get me started, what a JOY it was to spend an oregon weekend with them)
NOR can i think of a SilverBox couple
b. who's had to wait more than 10 days to see their images + slideshow online.
ooh, candy + scott, i'm so sorry that i'm not quite ready.
the editing is going well.
the images are BEAUTIFUL
and well, here's a sneak peak.
your slideshow will be online before the end of the month I PROMISE.

here's a lil' something in the mean time:
many a bride feels nearly blown over with the emotion, the love, the joy of her wedding day . . . and look, candy butler nearly was!
that immense out-of-nowhere windstorm makes these announcement cards i'd printed up after friday night's festivities seem like foreshadowing:
[note esp. the one on the left]

friday of the cott-n-candy wedding weekend was jam-packed and just out-of-this-world, but for the quick sneak-peak version of this, we're going to start with scott + candy's "first glance" ~ if the trailhead sign is correct we would have been about 905 paces from the devil's punchbowl at this point :D
candy is the youngest of 3 girls.
and you cannot imagine how very wonderful these 3 women (and their relationship with each other, their husbands and their parents) truly are.
ali told me with tears in her eyes at friday's nights beach-bonfire that she was just so very happy because:
"i just didn't know if there could be a wedding -- if there could even be a place to HAVE a wedding -- as unique and perfect as candy deserves. she is such a great and wonderful person and i'm just so glad this is happening for her. i'm so happy that she's so happy"

(and candy is her little sister! - is that THE most touching thing you've ever heard ~ by this point there were tears in my eyes, too, let me tell you!)

here's ally + her new-ish husband the morning of the wedding. i just love this image; will share lots of them all dressed up in wedding attire later, but THIS captures the moment and how they feel about each other i think:
. . . .and THIS was the moment immediately following
a sweet niece with her uncle:
the oldest of the Butler girls with her family AND scott + candy:
and lindsey, in a quiet moment at the tented reception, pulled me aside, (again, tears in the eyes -- hers and mine) and said
"i just can't think you enough. these pictures will mean so much to candy and to scott and to all of us. thank you. really. thank you."


my guess is that kids learn to express joy + gratitude and "ma and pa" butler (i just made that up; they're not very old so may not appreciate that . . . anyway, we'll see if they READ this or just look at the pictures) ~ but where was i going with that? oh yes, mr. and mrs. butler have daughters who epitomize grace and are surely darn impressive teachers (no fabrication or exaggeration on THAT part i'm most certain.)

you've ever-so-quickly met candy's dad (who tethered her to the earth as they were walking down the aisle before officiating his daughter's wedding" but it just wouldn't be right for you to not have a chance to meet Susan Butler -- the mom, the mastermind, the SEAMSTRESS of ALL of the bridesmaid's dresses (yep, she custom ordered 40 yards of this lovely linen fabric and wow!)
those DRESSES:
oh, and the boys:
the oregon coast, with whipping wind that would soon grow MUCH mightier . . .
. . . we got a few couple shots in down at the beach, but soon retreated to the base of the stairs:

candy had specifically requested a wide-angle type of shot and though being sandblasted . . . look how the wedding party managed to tough it out. i shouted to each couple "just um. Interact." and it just cracks me up to see how scott + candy translated that direction :D

there are MANY more coming soon and oh, just wait till you see THIS slideshow.

oh, and i thought of another image i just can't wait to share. WAIT until you see scott + his sister!!!!
ok, THAT image, and many more will soon-to-come.
thanks for your patience guys.
thanks esp. the letting me spend time with you.
am not sure if i mentioned it, but i just might be finding my way out to YOUR place in portland (with paul + kids in tow) at every major holiday for the next decade or so. am i too old to be adopted? (like a joint custody with my own parents type of thing??)
much love to ya!
~amy enderle