SilverBox "wedding pros to know" ~ tina @ Bleu & The Tiger Hotel

PhotobucketOh how we love working with the folks at The Tiger Hotel and Bleu Restaurant & Wine Bar.

The Tiger Hotel truly is one of Columbia's historic gems. It opened in 1928 with a dinner-dance party and was described

by one newspaper as "Columbia's first skyscraper."  But for all its beauty and rich historical character, we think

The Tiger Hotel's greatest asset is . . . it's STAFF!

Case in point: Tina Patel, event planner for the hotel and co-owner of Bleu (located on the hotel's main floor),

has been coordinating events in Columbia for over a decade. This is quite an accomplishment in a field plagued

by frequent turnover (we've known couples who ended up working consecutively with 3 different event planners

at their reception locale). What bride and groom wouldn't want Tina's experience, know-how, and stick-with-it-ness

on their team?! Not only is Tina a veteran event planner, she is also upbeat, kind and oh-so-friendly

. . . in short, just the kind of professional you'd like to help guide you through a perfectly smooth wedding day.

Here's Tina in her own words:

(1) an interesting fact about me: "I have been IN 15 weddings [SilverBox editorial note: clearly, Tina has a

mountain of friends!] and planned over 300 of them!"

(2) my favorite book and film: "Harry Potter...I love sci-fi movies and anything 80’s....Sixteen Candles...great movie."

(3) what every bride should know: "Get references, pick the right vendors and relax!"

(4) one a-ha service clients may not know we offer: "The Tiger Hotel offers full service wedding planning.

We will coordinate EVERY detail. We also have multiple off-site wedding venues."

Speaking of multiple venues, here is a look at various places for hosting events within the hotel itself:

~The Tiger Ballroom ~ a glowing, classic, stylish space with chandeliers and mirror bedecked walls, perfect for a large crowd:


~Blue Restaurant & Wine Bar ~ a great spot for small gatherings like bridesmaid luncheons or a romantic dinner for two

(why not pop the question over a glass of wine HERE?!):


~The Vault ~ a dark, mood-rich bar, with signature drinks and live music . . . how about a night-cap with friends

after your rehearsal dinner?!


~and even the hotel rooftop ~ with sweeping views of downtown Columbia, it's a great spot for a wedding day kiss:


thanks Tina, for being the best of the best, and for helping make The Tiger Hotel and Bleu Restaurant

so reliably wonderful.

Oh, and all you fans of the hotel and bleu and the vault, be sure to comment on this post to share your experiences

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~ amy & kim