SilverBox "Wedding Pros to Know" ~ Deb @ Party Perfect

spring is in the air. and don't you just love that delicious whiff of the lilacs as you walk by! aaaah...the sights, sounds and the fragrance of ... WEDDINGS!

to jump-start the season, come with us behind the scenes to meet the WONDERFUL mid-missouri folk who help make each wedding a masterpiece.

HERE'S THE PLAN, Silver Lining fans:  each week the Silver Lining will feature one of our FAVORITE area wedding vendors.

Get to know these talents and tap into their knowledge. 'Cause these are the mid-Missouri peeps who make weddings work . . . people whose faces you don't always see but whose heart + soul + artistry you'll recognize in an instant.

if you've already worked with them (or just love what they offer or want to know more) comment away b/c the featured vendor with the MOST Silver Lining comments gets an all expenses paid pro photo shoot for an upcoming ad campaign.

and our first honoree, the magnificent DEB MONTAGUE of Party Perfect, the upscale wedding division of A-1 Rental, located here in columbia at 2201 vandiver drive (573.474.7881)


oh my goodness, how cute is she! but there's so much more than cuteness to this gal: there's insider insight, organization wherewithal and a color palette that spans the rainbow. From the budding green of spring to blossoming violets to April-sky-blue, Party Perfect has you covered! Deb and her team supply linens, table cloths, chair covers, darling white garden folding chairs, columns, posts, candelabras, serving dishes, cake stands and so soooo much more.

wanna see what we mean? take a look:

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and now for the personal 411 in deb's own words:

1) one unique and fun thing about me: I'm a pastor's kid, missionaries' grandkid, I lead a group that fights human trafficking here in Columbia, I'm on the board at my church, I mentor a little girl from Coyote Hill . . . (so fun), and I've played soccer at least one day a week for the last 21 years =) Find me every Tuesday at the MAC!

2) My favorite book is: Crazy Love by Francis Chan my all-time-fav film: Tommy Boy

3) My single best tip for brides: Make sure you are not responsible for doing anything on the day you get married. Delegate beforehand and explain in detail so that on your BIG day all you are doing is getting ready and answering a question or two. A day-of planner helps to make this  happen. I  recommend Natalie @ EventSolutions because she is fantastic!

4) One a-ha service that we provide: delivery and set up of all of our items.  If the bride is looking at a place that doesn't already have a set up and tear down crew, we are able to do it all =)

Ok, remember to send in your comments on behalf of Party Perfect, and check back next week for our next "Wedding Pro to Know" . . . hmmm . . . wonder who that will be . . .

~ amy & kim