SilverBox loves Wileyware


"The ordinary can be extraordinary." Words that my wonderfully wise friend Marcia lives by (and creates by!). One of her creations that "transform the mundane" is Wileyware -- dazzling, hand-blown drinking glasses that she creates using colorful dichroic glass. I got to photograph these delightful glasses (and equally delightful friends drinking from them) at a beach party Marcia hosted in Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, Washington last week! Marcia and I fantasized for years (truly!) about photographing her glasses IN USE so that folks could see just how elegant AND delightful they could be as part of a luscious outdoor tablescape. Thanks to friends and frequent flyer miles, it finally happened!

These photos are destined to be part of Marcia's upcoming website makeover. In the meantime, if you want to purchase your very own wileyware, you can still go to her soon-to-be revamped wileyware site by clicking here. Yes, her glasses make fantastic gifts for special occasions . . . weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new home and . . . you name it. But we use them EVERY day. In fact, when my husband and I remodeled the kitchen in our 80-yr old house, we installed a special glass-front cabinet JUST for admiring our Wileyware glasses (on the rare occasions when they are not already in use on a counter or in the sink).  And a sturdiness testimonial here: In cleaning up from the party (maybe I'm a bit clumsy, but it was dark, ok?!), I somehow kicked a glass off the curb and into the parking lot. It made a lot of noise, rolled around a bit in the gravel and concrete and was . . . UNDAMAGED. Unlike you're favorite pair of high heals, these things are beautiful AND sturdy!

More Wileyware wonderfulness coming your way soon: Ginny + David, our -win-your-wedding couple getting married in Arlington, Texas, will receive a pair of these glasses at their wedding later this month!


here's marcia


and lovely miz marcia herself, in her luscious backyard in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.


love ya, Marcia!