SignS of the Times this Valentine's Day

I put my iPhone to work today!
(Well, except for this first image....grabbed the 5D with the 85 attached right out of the camera bag as we were almost ready to walk out the door. There was just something about how proud Zoe looked, all bundled up with arms stretching around oversized Valentine's Box.)
Remember making these?
Kids at school; soo perfect time to catch up with my stupendous business partner downtown.

And Downtown was ABUZZ with Valentine Activity.
SilverBox shot as Banner!

Whoa, that's fun! And then sitting down at table; a) a-ha a SilverBox table tent image, too! AND b) last month's Inside Columbia magazine was there with LOOK! Melanie + Darrin's wedding featured!

Remember reading about this wedding....chairs in a circle, front row seat for everyone! and THEN a "next day" session complete with a dip in the creek.

[Kim, you shot sooo many fabulous pictures this past wedding season; but oh these jump out and grab me everytime!]

THEN, later this morning, my fabulous mom came into town and we went over to Miller's (aka Miller's Professional Imaging; aka Best Professional Photo Printing Lab in the country!) where we judged their annual Chili-Cook-Off! Tough (but yummy!) decisions! (*note: Millers is a professional lab, but YOU, TOO can have access to their expertise through you upload your own photos to print them ~ a VERY good idea, try; we're just sure you won't be disappointed)

Then my sweet mom and I rushed back to my place to make the caramel apples for elementary school parties and the question-gathering began! Had this idea of playing "are you smarter than a THIRD grader?" during class party this afternoon and hooray! - it was a hit!! Two different moms-of-3rd-graders learned upon entering the classroom that they would be our contestants! Both Ms. King and Ms. Murray were impressive contestants, and honestly I don't know if the kids would have been any more excited if there was actually money to give away. Oh my gosh they were ecstatic! My mom was stationed by the CD player hitting the Smarter Than a 5th Grader theme song on cue to add to the pictures to share, but whoa! good times had by all!

And I ran down to Tycho's (1st grade) School Valentine's Day Party, the snowmen the 1st graders had created and taped up in the hall caught my eye...perhaps only a Mom (or Mom married to Chiefs fan) would immediately recognize that her son crafted his snowman as yep, a Chief's fan at a snowy game.....even holding up a #1 with his snowy mitten. (Tycho AND Paul actually are aware of the team's record this season, but those kinds of details cease to's some kind of #1 because?? they're the best? type of thing?.....) Another fun observation. Even without reading artist names, can you pick up the snowWOMEN found below. How cute is that! The girls made sure their snow people dressed in crowns and earrings and were adorned in hearts.
Fun times, indeed!