"shoot like it counts"

we get lots of calls + emails from photographers wanting to take their photography to "the next level"

often we're asked: "what camera or lens should i buy next?
truth be told in MOST scenarios (other than say dimly-lit churches) it's more about HOW you shoot then the equipment you make the picture with . . .
want to be a sports photographer some day?
then shoot the local little league the way you'd shoot the all-stars
that's the zack arias (i.e. one-light-zack) example: "go out and shoot like it counts" zack insists.
thinking about weddings?
then practice. everyday. on everyday events.
focus on capturing the emotion behind-the-scenes as well as "main stage"
what does the anticipation look like?
the preparation?
the celebration??
look for the action-reaction sequence that unfolds in your midst + try to determine how to best document, how to best communicate those feelings, that essence-of-life bit in a single frame.
oh i somehow made all of this sound more like a chore than a joy...it IS joy; total joy but does take effort, and movement and planning and loads and loads of drafting. but whoa the practice is such fun!

anyway, it's summer(!) and for the first time EVER,
both zoe (9) and tycho (7) are on the SAME team: a swim team at the neighborhood pool.

am printing pics for the team bulletin board tonight and thought i'd post a few to share.

these are from the season's very first meet:

so clearly this is NOT of a wedding, but ahhh, the connective tissue -- the very stuff life is made of . . .

kim and i are posting LOTS within the next few weeks. go grab some sun but stop back by ;)
~amy enderle