sherri + doug ~ married!

doug and sherri . . . i've been grinning from ear-to-ear while picking out pictures for this blog entry just thinking about how fairy-tale-BEAUTIFUL their wedding was. From the horse-drawn carriage and the doves, to the lovely setting at Stone Hill Winery in Hermann with its brick buildings, vineyards, wine cellars:

. . . but it was sherri and doug -- their obvious devotion to one another AND to their friends -- that made their wedding such a joy to be at.

sherri RADIATED joy the entire day. these are some of my favorite EVER "getting ready" pictures:

. . . the picture above of sherri with her friends is pure wedding photojournalism. i love the unbridled joy of it. and the picture below of doug with his friends (made by annika) is just GREAT! . . . perfect use of depth-of-field to distinguish doug in the crowd
. . . and what a fun crowd it was! doug and sherri and their wedding party did just about everything that Hermann has to offer in a day. we hung out in the vineyards, visited Stone Hill's wine cellars, and strolled across the missouri river bridge:

. . . and then, a surprise to guests, sherri arrived by carriage to be escorted by her brother to the ceremony

these looks by sherri reminds me of the note she's placed on her cell phone main menu screen: "love doug forever"

other ceremony favorites:

and the party . . . since doug works at Millers Professional Imaging, there were tons of fun-loving, cigar-smoking, karaoki-singing millers folks. amy and i thank our lucky stars that millers photo lab is located in columbia; it was a treat to finally get to meet a lot of the people who make millers as great as it is.

i could say lots more, but sherri may be up waiting for this blog entry to hit her in-box at this very moment, so i'm sending it off to cyberspace with a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to doug and sherri for trusting SilverBox to photograph their wedding.

and hey, click on their wedding slideshow for even more pictures.