setting the tone...

Received the following e-mail message from the recently-married Denise Gardnier Brown:

"Thanks for the email and update-- whooduh thunk it stormed that day given the beautiful coloring in those photos!!! We greatly appreciate the living history of this special day...

...we are even happier now, but it sure is reassuring to see those unforced smiles and reflexive hand-holding. I think we set the tone in March when we decided the song to best prepare us for wedding planning was "For My Wedding" by Don Henley. If you haven't listened to it, it does a nice job of emphasizing what is important (does anyone honestly care that monogrammed matches or mints were available???)."

Her words made me laugh & smile at the same time. It is something that so many couples who contract us to document their weddings share: an interest in the real and the authentic. It's a matter of priorities, really. How you spend your day, your time, and ultimately, your dollars.

Well I HADN'T heard Don Henley's wedding song. In fact, I didn't even realize that he has recent solo work out there. But he does. And it's good. You can hear a snippet as you see a few of the highlights of Denise & Dave's wedding day.

Ode to being Real....the best state of being, indeed. Enjoy ~ amy