san francisco sunset....the golden gate bridge from st. francis yacht club with kristan + bry


me: home + exhausted + completely in love with bry + kristan. 
what a couple! what an adventure!!
i found san francisco (it was my first time) amazing! and reminded me more of hhmmmm a european city or san juan ... than well.... my previous california experience. SO.....southern california is not ALL of california it seems.
you already knew?
oh, and also, i LIKE beets...they don't HAVE to be in vinegar...i swear i learned so much! ~ will explain later

and will have MUCH more to share, too...but just peeked at these end-of-the-day shots (taken at the spot bryant proposed ~ st francis yacht club) and couldn't resist a quick jpg conversion, will soon post many many more....

check back for:
* more pictures of jenny + daniel's wedding!
* delightful day in san francisco
* oh yeah, the winning couple....