Salon Nefisa

we LOVE our town!
for about a million reasons...
but a really big one: we love Our Town because we love our DOWNTOWN ~
independent merchants, creative souls, good food, good fun.
Salon Nefisa is one of those local businesses that add color & style to our city...literally.
Nefisa owner (and all-around inspiring soul!) Sarah El-Toumi has created an amazing environment and surrounded herself with really good people -- one of them being my sister, a Salon Nefisa Stylist.
Hey, here she is:

(Any guesses on who that girl with the purple hair might be?)

Kim and I were quite flattered to shoot some publicity images for Salon Nefisa -- click here for a quick slideshow. What fun! They closed their doors for the evening and invited some of their favorite clients to come join them. It was a p--a--r--t--y!
A party with quite a few cameras -- but fun photography splashes some extra excitement on the festivities, don't you think!