rhode family :: and then there were 3!

My brother, Cliff, was 13 when I was born. His days as an only child were really turned upside-down! Our age difference resulted in both of us living the life of an "only child" for some time, because he started college when I started kindergarten. Crazy, I know! I like to think that my parents just decided that they needed another child to keep them young and hip. Clearly, I was successful, as my daddio turns 64 years young today! Happy Birthday Dad!!! I digress... Growing up my mom always told me the story of Cliff's reaction to his new baby sis. He didn't think I was any fun at all! Can you imagine!? He apparently was not impressed with my eat, sleep, cry, repeat lifestyle. One day, after reaching this shocking conclusion, he told my parents he just couldn't wait for something more out of me. He stated, "I just can't wait until she has a personality."  Ooooohhhh brother.

Luckily, I found my personality a few months later and became quite the entertainer for my family, so I hear.  And, big bro could make me laugh like no one else on earth!

I thought of this story once again when I met Miss Stella. She is beautiful, happy, curious, and sooooooooo full of personality. Not to mention this girl's luck! Boy oh boy, did she hit the jackpot in the parents department. All of this, and she's only 8 months old. Whew!

I can't contain myself anymore. I'm SO EXCITED to introduce Stella Mae, star of the day! Photobucket

And her sweet, sweet parents Luke and Ashley!


Stella's dad and god father built most of the furniture in her room, including her crib. Impressive!


Stella loves to read books!


And, I love little toes :)


Stella loves history! Clearly, she was overjoyed to pose in a craddle that came from her great grandmother....


...and wear a family heirloom, while playing hide and seek. What can I say? Girl's got talent!


Plus, Miss Stella just loves playing with Mom and Dad in the backyard! What a lil "chicken." hehe! Photobucket

This family made me so happy. So down-to-earth, hardworking, and sweet; with a baby girl who is really going places! Thanks Rhode family for having me, it was a pleasure.

I sure love my job!

-annika (kim, too!)