Remembering when with Tiffany & Blake

Q U E S T I O N :
Is it good news
(or bad...)
if on-again
off-again rain
keeps sneaking
into the picture
the afternoon
of your
engagement shoot?

A N S W E R :
(at least if you're
Tiffany Anderson)
let me tell you,
your answer
is probably
Why? :
even MORE

By the lunch hour it looked like the possibility rain, and by the time she left work that afternoon, Tiffany had secured the cutest umbrella & great galoshes and was ready for anything Mother Nature might throw our way. And oh, what fun! CLICK HERE for a slideshow of image highlights. You'll see FABULOUS footwear, a unique umbrella and a couple I wished lived next door. These two are great!!

Blake & Tiffany have dated a long time and it's easy to see how they bring out the best in each other. Loved getting to know them and having a chance to create these pictures. Can't wait for the wedding!! AND, big thanks to Annika Miller (who is coincidentally, Blake's first cousin) for assisting with this shoot; a the-more-the-merrier experience indeed. ~amy

enjoy the show! ~ amy enderle