rebecca + jason :: i'm yours! ~ columbia, missouri wedding photography by silverbox

sweethearts since high school, rebecca + jason are no longer dating . . . they're married!

and by the way, these toast pictures from their wedding are some of my favorites ever. the expressions and colors in the lead photos above are saturated and full of expression!

and you can see how depth-of-field is a photographer's most excellent trick-of-the-trade . . . look how your eyes go to rebecca's maid of honor in the picture on the left, and then to rebecca herself in the picture on the right: ~and could rebecca's mom be any happier?! ~here she is again . . . laughing every step of the way! rebecca and jason, University of Missouri fans through-and-through, saw each other for the first time on their wedding day on the porch of Jesse Hall and they made sure to stop at a favorite local watering hole before heading to the ceremony (yet another reason to ditch that notion of not seeing one another before walking down the aisle): and stephens college continues to delight! here's a shot of the chapel by abbie brown, who assisted that day: and just look at the loveliness of the Kimball Ballroom, decorations and all: happiness and smiles all around all day long . . . lots more to say, but i'll have to show you instead . . . rebecca and jason have been waiting for their slideshow, and I'm eager to post it, so come see the full version of rebecca + jason's wonderful wedding day by clicking on this slideshow. (And how do you silver lining folks like our new slideshow look?) ~kim