Rangefinder * Magazine features SilverBox

* THE premier photographers' magazine ( whoa, we feel so lucky! ~ photographers from so many different parts of the world read Rangefinder. . . )

SilverBox is featured in the March issue of Rangefinder Magazine! We are THRILLED! ("excited, e-c-s-t-a-t-i-c-!, ELATED, yes, deliriously delighted" adds amy.) So thrilled (& all of the above!) in fact, that I haven't even told my husband, David, yet 'cause I can't wait to hand him the hard copy version of the magazine and say something like: "hey, there's a story in here you might want to check out :')! (Now we'll see if he peeks at the blog before the issue arrives in our mailbox!)

Take a look at the article below (click on each page & it will pop up large and legible on your screen) or, if you'd like to see it in another format, you can download a pdf of the article by clicking here.

Rangefinder is billed as "the premier monthly magazine for the professional photographers." We'd have to agree! We read it cover-to-cover each month and pass along copies to our photo assistants. Both the magazine and the website are STUFFED full of resources & information.

And Ronnie Garrett, thanks for telling the SilverBox story so well! By the way, Ronnie is a photographer AND a freelance writer. This was her first article in Rangefinder, and she's already been asked to do another one. So if you've got a writing assignment you'd like her to take on, go ahead and contact her . . . she says "I'm always looking for photographers who are doing really great work, be it portraits, street photography, landscapes, wildlife, black and white etc. They can contact me at rl_garrett7@yahoo.com or call me at 920-650-7875 (if I don't answer, they can leave a message)..."

~ kim wade

PS for any photographers out there ~ if you aren't currently receiving Rangefinder; you can subcribe now for FREE just follow this link. We learn something and feel inspired with each issue

~ amy enderle