Queensberry Albums from Coast-to-Coast

March 3rd - we've had so many people talking about albums lately, that we've pulled this post from last week back to the top....the Queensberry Albums are simply amazing.

There's a flurry of album activity at SilverBox these days. We've been: meeting with couples to finalize album designs; eagerly awaiting as finished albums arrive at our door, fresh from New Zealand (where our album company, Queensberry, prints and assembles the albums); and then delivering those albums to couples with giddy excitement. It's a JOYOUS process; the final product has never failed to exceed our expectations!

Just to give you a taste of the process start to finish . . .
~take a peek at Amanda & Brennan's album design from their Oregon wedding on the beach. They stopped by last night to review their album design and, best of all, we got to relive Amanda & Brennan's wedding ALL OVER again. Below are a few of my favorite spreads, or you can click here to see the entire album slideshow.

This next spread is a special fold-out spread, also called a flip page (and if you click your cursor on it, the spread will appear on your screen a bit larger):

~and here are pics of a finished book; this BEAUTIFUL album just in from New Zealand:
Cover choices include leather (like the one above), wood, and even metallic. Plus you can choose from all sort of cover devices, including leather tooling or a photo inset.

I love the versatility of the layout options. Whatever design we envision, we can create! In other words, we start from scratch with each album . . . NO templates . . . which means your album is unique in all the world. I'm mailing the above album out this week to Maureen & Aaron who are living New York and were married in St. Louis a mere 3 months ago.

Additional pics of another Queensberry album were posted on our blog a few months ago of Adrienne & Ryan's album.

And in the next few weeks, we'll have an actual studio sample. So give us a call if you want to see and touch one yourself!