push-pull family fun

oh this was fun!
I hadn't photographed the Forrest family since these kids were downright wee.
(The littlest guy was in diapers if memory serves....)
We lucked out with the weather and landed the perfect spot for some bright fall color.

Like in my own house, birth order at the Forrest place is GIRL, GIRL, slightly-rascally-with-big-sister-driving-him-crazy BOY, so getting true-to-life (i.e. go-ahead-and-pick-on-each-other) interaction was really no challenge. The result: the kind of sibling pictures I most love and would love to have on my own walls:
Couldn't resist making a quick slideshow of shoot highlights.
Take a look and you'll hear (O.K. Go) one of Avery + friends favorite bands of the moment.
I don't love ALL of my daughter's music, but what's not to love about this group?
PLUS, when but a family shoot might I be able to use THIS song....

amy enderle